Thru-Hub Exhaust: What is it and Why Do I Care?

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cruising_on_boat5Exhaust finds its way outward from the engine in three different ways: through the hub, over the hub, and nowhere near the hub. (The hub is the part that connects the propeller to the engine.) While largely invisible to the casual observer, the differences in exhaust systems impact the performance of your boat and the quality of your ride. To answer the timeless question, “Thru-Hub Exhaust: What is It and Why Do I Care?” we offer a summary of boat propeller exhaust systems.

Thru hub exhaust 1 MI WheelThru-Hub Exhaust

In thru-hub systems, exhaust pours from the engine through a round barrel in the prop and out the back of your boat. This way, the exhaust doesn’t make contact with the blades of the propeller. Without disruption from exhaust, the water makes excellent contact with the blades, delivering good acceleration and a nice hole shot. Thru-hub systems also contribute to a quieter ride. Underwater, thru-hub exhaust looks like a jet stream, or wedding veil, pouring out the back of the prop.

Over hub exhaust MI WheelOver-Hub Exhaust

In propellers with over-hub exhaust systems, the blades are attached directly to the smaller tube that fits over the propeller’s drive shaft, eliminating the larger exhaust tube. These props are often used for reaching top speeds, but your hole shot can suffer when the exhaust pours over the propeller blades under acceleration. Lighter boats can run faster with over-hub props than thru-hub props. In heavier boats, however, this can cause damage from cavitation – pock marks – on your propeller from the impact air bubbles.

Non thru hub MI WheelNon Thru-Hub Exhaust

In non thru-hub propellers, exhaust runs on top of and behind the blades. These boat props are used for inboards using shaft driven propellers, sterndrives using through hull exhaust, and on some outboards that don’t route the exhaust through the lower unit torpedo. (Source: Michigan Wheel)


More About Boat Propeller Exhaust Systems:

Exhaust: Just like the tailpipe on your car, exhaust created by the engine’s combustion needs to escape, or the whole system will overheat and shut down.

The Hub: The hub, as the name implies, is the inner core of the boat propeller. It slides over the propeller shaft and is the point onto which the blades attach. Hubs come in a variety of configurations, including metal, rubber, fixed, removable, and interchangeable. Read more about hubs for boat propellers.

Ventilation: This occurs when exhaust gas or surface air is drawn into the blades of the boat propeller. This causes the boat to lose speed and RPMs to climb rapidly, leading to excessive slippage. Slippage is essentially the difference from the theoretical pitch to the actual pitch. You will want the minimal amount of slippage for top performance. Read more about ventilation here.

Cavitation: Cavitation occurs when there is an area of low pressure caused by the inability to move through the water and then the water around the boat propeller begins to bubble. The bubbles collapse when they reach an area of higher pressure around the blades. Cavitation and changes in pressure can result in erosion on the face of the boat prop blades, ventilation and/or slippage. Read more about cavitation here.

For more helpful tools to understand how your boat prop works, link to SavvyBoater’s Propeller How-To Guide, a simple guidebbok, with diagrams, to walk you through propeller basics.

Illustrations courtesy of Michigan Wheel.

Ever walk into a fishing supply store and see something right off the bat that you never knew existed, but now that you know about it, you can’t live without? It’s exciting, right? Well, I’ve got five things in my virtual tackle box that are going to blow your mind, from smooth trailering to slow trolling tools.

Easy Troller Trolling Plate

1. Trolling Plate 

So there you are, trolling along, angling to catch the fish of day. You’re located in the perfect spot, you’ve got the perfect bait, and it’s the perfect time of day.Sigh. Why aren’t the fish biting? Well, here’s the thing: You can’t catch a fish if the fish can’t catch your bait. Which means you’re going too fast. What you need is an Easy Troller trolling plate. This ingenious design will slow your boat to optimal trolling speeds, as slow as one mile per hour or less, and still give you the control you need to navigate through those great fishing holes. Read more in, “Why a Trolling Plate? You Can’t Catch a Fish if the Fish Can’t Catch You”.

The AnchorLift buoy lets the power of your boat pull up the anchor, and the buoy holds the anchor at the water's surface.

2. Anchor Lift 

You’re breaking a sweat. It’s hot out, you’re anxious to get underway, and you’re hauling up your anchor, hand-over-hand, one grueling foot at a time. The rope is accumulating in snarls at your feet, your back is killing you, and one slip of your grip and the anchor is heading back to the bottom, with you entangled. All this because you don’t have an AnchorLift – an ingenious tool that raises your anchor for you. As far as anchor pullers go, you won’t find any match for its value, performance and warranty. Here is how it works – fast, safe and sort of fun, actually. Read more in “AnchorLift: An Anchor Puller Does the Work for You”.

The DeckMate 6-in-1 stainless deck key tool combines six essential boating tools in one handy package

3. 6-in-1 Stainless Deck Key Tool

The DeckMate deck key is a must-have tool for boaters with six of the most commonly used boating tools in the palm of your hand. It also has a comfortable sure-grip, rubberized handle that accommodates both right and left-handed users, a lanyard to hold tool to your wrist or to hang the tool when not in use, and a lifetime warranty. Whether it be a stubborn zipper, loose screw, or bottle cap, the DeckMate deck key has what you need to do the job, including:

  • 2 Universal deck plate keys
  • Boat shackle key
  • Flat-head screwdriver
  • 1/4″ Hex head driver
  • Zipper/toggle pull
  • Bottle opener

Get the best seat in the boat with an extender handle from HelmsMan

4. Tiller Extension Handle

With one of these ingenious trolling motor extensions, you can position yourself in your boat more comfortably, and still maintain full steering and throttle control, as well as clear access to your kill switch. When you’re fishing, the HelmsMate Trolling Motor Extension Handle not only positions you more comfortably in your boat, it also gives you better trim capabilities, so you can maneuver as strategically as the fish you’re angling for. Read more in, “Get the Best Seat in the Boat With a Trolling Motor Extension Handle”. The HelmsMate Outboard Tiller Extension Handle features:

  • Fits electric or gas motors under 15 HP
  • Maintain full steering and throttle control
  • Five fixed and extendable models
  • Rugged aluminum and stainless steel shaft and fittings
  • Lifetime warranty

EZ Sliders are made from a slippery composite that allows easy launching and trailering

5. Trailer Slides 

Be the slickest boater at the launch site. While everyone else is struggling to launch and load their boats, you’ll be using the E-Z Slide Trailer Slides, which are made from a slippery plastic composite to minimize friction between your boat and the trailer bunks. The slides attach directly to the bunks (with stainless steel screws included), letting your boat slide easily off your trailer and into the water. The E-Z Slide Trailer Slides are also ideal for shallow ramps and low water launching, eliminating the need to fully submerge your trailer bunks. Add a set of patented BunkEnders for the most cost-effective protection on the market against premature carpet wear. Read more about the trailer slides at, “Trailering My Boat: From Humiliation to Happy Launches“.


You can find all these helpful tools at Savvy Boater, an online store that offers FREE shipping on all their marine products, every day. If you need help, advice, or instructions, you can always contact their experts on the ground, via online iChat, email or telephone (866/560-1330).

Westland blue cover with tie-downs

Savvy Boater offers free tie-downs with every boat cover purchase as well as free shipping … always

If the kids are back in school, that means weekend boating is on hiatus for awhile. (Heavy sigh.) With stormy weather fast approaching, you’ll want to protect your precious boat against the elements. So when blessed summer comes again – and you’re ready to go boating – your boat will be ready for you.

The three most important things to consider when choosing a boat cover are: the fit, the fabric, and the support. (A 4th thing to consider when shopping online is adding the all-important tie-downs as well as calculating shipping costs. Both come FREE with every boat cover purchase from Savvy Boater, btw.)

1. The Right Fit

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you think about the zillion types of boats out there and the billion trillion choices in boat covers. But if you know the manufacturer, model and year your boat was made, you can find your exact cover in three easy clicks. Even if you don’t know your make/model, we’ve got you covered. At Savvy Boater, you can search the collections by boat style until you narrow the choices down to your specific boat. If you have a boat with a tower, we have guidelines for that, too. Link here to “Finding Special Covers for Boats with Towers”.

boat covers 38 color swatches

Savvy Boater offers a total of 38 colors to choose from, depending on the fabric and style

2. The Right Fabric 

Depending on where you park your boat for the winter season, you’ll want to pick the fabric best suited to handle combination of humidity, snow, rain, wind, salt, sun, and whatever else Mother Nature throws at you. A wide range fabrics choices – from SharkSkin to Sunbrella  – address the various elements and well as various budgets. You’ll find as many as 38 colors to choose from, from Forest Green to Caribbean Blue – even lighter ones, like Seagull Grey, to beat back the blaring sun. Compare boat cover fabrics with this handy chart, here. For more details, link here to “Your Guide to Selecting the Perfect Boat Cover Fabric”.

3. The Right Support

Carver boat cover

This boat cover from Carver helps protects against moisture and debris; the light color also fends of UV rays from the sun

Simply put, if you don’t want your boat cover to sag from the weight of water and debris, to collect unnecessary mold and mildew, or be vulnerable to tears and rips from unevenly distributed weight, you should have a support system. A support system is a simple and inexpensive way to dramatically lengthen the life of your cover—and your boat. These “tented” systems allow water to drain off, rather than collect in pools, prolonging the life of your cover.

Need more help? We’ve got an expert staff available via online chat and email, and we’d love to hear from you the old-fashioned way … via telephone! … at (866) 560-1330.

Spotlight: Kyla’s Top Ten Boat Towables & Inflatables

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Kyla & Pip on a towable boat  tube

Two lazy dogs on a towable

One of my most favorite things to do – of all time – is to take kids boating. Boating and tubing, to be more specific. Boat, tubing and spilling, to tell the whole truth. It is sooo fun. And they LOVE it. Even my dog, Pippin, loves it, although he and I are towed at a much kinder, gentler speed than I tend to tow rascally teenagers.

So – before summer ends and school takes up all our attention – here are my tried, true and most favorite towables and inflatables on the market. With something for everyone, including slides, bouncers, and accommodations for adults with beverages, you’ll find all these boat tubes and inflatables on the Savvy Boater website.

Wacky Whopper boat towable

The Wacky Whopper gives you a wild and wonderful ride

1. The Wacky Whopper 

This boat tube’s name says it all. The Wacky Whopper boat towable from Sportsstuff delivers a ride that kids love. (Some adventurous adults love it, too.) Riders will want to experience the side and middle positions of the dual wave as they are each very different. It’s also easy to sit or lay in different positions with soft knee and elbow pads. On sale right now from $676.72 to $429.95.

2. WOW Thriller 1-Rider

If you want a smaller boat towable, and one that’s a little more “spillable,” the WOW Thriller 1-Rider tube towable gives your passengers “wild ride action.” As the driver, you can deliver wild wake action without submarining the riders and having to start all over. The tapered design maintains position without sacrificing performance. Get on if you dare! On sale right now from $155.12 to $96.95.

Big Banana Water Lounger

The Big Banana offers a more sublime water experience

3. Big Banana Water Lounger

Aaah! With extended foot rests, two cup holders, and a high back rest, the Big Banana 1-Person Water Lounger from WOW offers a much more sublime water experience. Technically, this isn’t a towable, but it is so worth mentioning, because after the tubing and towing, thrilling and spilling are over, mommy needs a little propping up of her own! On sale right now from $118.32 to $73.95.

4. Waterboggan 5-Rider Towable

This is a boat banana of another sort. No one wants to have to wait their turn, and with the Rave Waterboggan, you can tow up to five people (or 850 pounds). Put the whole crew on this baby and still have a fast and smooth ride, over and over. On sale right now from $1,279.92 to $799.95.

Mach 2-rider boat towable beginners

Mach Two 2-rider boat towable beginners

5. Airhead Mach 2

If you’ve got little ones who have some trepidation about this whole boat-tubing concept, the Airhead Mach 2-Rider is the perfect beginner towable. Inflated floors provide soft seating, the four handles come with neoprene knuckle guards, and deep walls help kids feel secure on the water. Tuck in those little darlings for terrific experiences behind the boat. On sale right now from $243.12 to $151.95.

6. FunStation Water Bouncer

Technically not a towable either, but way too fun to pass up, the Funstation Water Bouncer from Sportsstuff delivers all-day bouncing fun on the water. The removable boarding platform makes it easy for anyone to get on and gravity helps you get off – from high up in the wild blue yonder. On sale right now from $655.92 to $409.95.

7. Rave Aqua Jump

The Cadillac of water trampolines is the Aqua Jump Trampoline from Rave. Add the Aqua Slide and Aqua Log, and it becomes a full-on water park! Comes with a 12-, 15- or 20-foot platform and a 5-step ladder to get you on board. How you get off the platform … that’s entirely up to you! (Jumping and leaping highly recommended.) On sale right now from $3,199.92 to $1,999.95.

Water Whoosh from Rave

The slippery Water Whoosh provides hours of fun and doubles as a dock platform

8. Water Whoosh

When I was little, we’d soak the lawn in water until we could slide across it on our rear ends. We actually spent many gleeful hours careening across the yard. Nowadays, the Water Whoosh from Rave takes this concept to a whole new level. Its slippery, flexible surface provides hours of fun and can even double as a dock platform for skiing, tubing or wakeboarding. On sale right now from $1,599.98 to $999.99.                                                    

9. Tube-A-Rama:10-Person Water Lounger

Take your party to the water with this 10-person water lounger. Or seat 8 people and use two seats as coolers – so no one has to make multiple trips to shore to re-supply. The cooler seats are built in, so you can stow your ice and refreshments right in the lounger. How perfect is that for an afternoon of social relaxation? On sale right now from $551.92 to $344.95.

Child on water slide

Water slides have the unique ability to bring out the kid in everyone

10. Rave Slides

Inflatable dock and pontoon slides seriously bring out the kid in everyone. With a slippery 9-foot sliding surface and accommodating up to 200 pounds, just try to resist a quick trip into the cool water on a hot day. The Dock Slide is on sale right now from $719.92 to $449.95. The Pontoon Slide is on sale right now from $799.92 to $499.95.

Aside from the fact that all these towables and inflatables are on sale at the moment, another thing I love about Savvy Boater is that I get free shipping – on everything, every day. You’ll also find video clips of these boat tube towables that demonstrate their size, shape and performance. If you’re looking for accessories, such a tow ropes, flags, pumps and valves (can’t tell you how many of those I’ve lost…) click here … And let the fun begin!

Boat Fenders & Buoys: The Top 5 On the Market

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Used by the U.S. Navy, Coast Guard and commercial fishermen alike, these fenders  are ideal for areas with large waves or tidal fluctuations

Used by the U.S. Navy, Coast Guard and commercial fishermen alike, these fenders are ideal for areas with large waves or tidal fluctuations

Round, oblong, cylindrical? Solid core or inflatable? Horizontal or vertical? Red, green, blue, or yellow? You have a lot of choices when you purchase fenders and buoys for your boat, and I am happy to help you navigate your way to the best choices for your purposes. And maybe even offer some ideas you haven’t thought of yet. Here are my Top 5 Favorite Buoys and Fenders on the market today, and why:

1. Polyform A Series

These are the stable, sturdy ones. Their round shape offers maximum standoff, making these fenders ideal for rafting onto other boats and mooring in all conditions. Designed for very large boats and yachts, the extreme strength of the Polyform A Series provides terrific protection in undulating waters. These fenders also make great anchor pulls, marker buoys, and floats for fishing nets. Whether you’re pleasure yachting or commercial fishing, if you’ve got a large boat, you need reliable fenders to match your purposes … backed by a lifetime warranty.

Lighted marker buoys offer unbeatable illumination, durability and the convenience of solar power.

Lighted marker buoys offer unbeatable illumination, durability and the convenience of solar power.

2. Aqua Lanterns

These solar-lighted buoys are soooo cool. When the sun sets at night, lakes, rivers and oceans become dark and mysterious places … and often dangerous places. If you use lighted marker buoys, however, you can protect yourself and your property from imminent dangers caused by darkness and adverse weather conditions. You can also turn nighttime waterways into beautiful, magical places with battery-operated, lighted marking and mooring buoys. Aqua Lanterns are powered by photocells in the solar panels that automatically turn the lighted buoys on at sunset and off when morning comes. They are durable, long lasting and can be seen almost a nautical mile away at night. Read more here.

Polyform HTM boat fenders provides durable protection for boats up to 60' long in most mooring, anchoring or rafting situations

Polyform HTM boat fenders provides durable protection for boats up to 60′ long in most mooring, anchoring or rafting situations

3. Polyform HTM Series Boat Fenders

My favorite thing about the inflatable HTM Series is their versatility for medium- to heavy-duty applications. They are great for mooring, protecting trailered boats and running through locks. And get this: they mount horizontally (as well as vertically) with a single line. The molded-in, vertical ribs and reinforced tube ends give these fenders great strength and resistance to abrasion, tears and punctures. And, unlike some other fenders, the HTM boat fenders have an even wall thickness from one end to the other, for maximum strength and durability. Nice, huh? And they come in ten different colors, including white, red, green, black, and three shades of blue, to name a few.

4. Polyform F Series

These are the big guys, used by the U.S. Navy, Coast Guard and commercial fishermen alike. Their heavy-duty construction is designed for large boats, 20 to 70 feet long – and longer. These commercial grade fenders are ideal for the most rugged marine applications, including mooring, anchoring, or rafting to other large boats. They are certainly the best choice for rough water, wind, large waves and tidal fluctuations. The rope holds have multiple-ribbed and reinforced material, and the fenders also boast a secure vinyl valve for maximum seal … so your fender won’t deflate or wear the rope away. So rough, tough and rugged, the Polyform F Series are backed by a lifetime warranty.

Marker buoys like the Sur-Mark II help boaters safely navigate waterways

Marker buoys like the Sur-Mark II help boaters safely navigate waterways

5. Taylor Made Sur-Mark II Marker Buoy

This is the buoy for safety in navigating waterways. With the durable and vibrant Taylor Made Sur-Mark II, you can clearly mark waterways with navigational and safety messages. Made from UV protected polyethylene, their bright colors resist fading and are visible 37 inches above the waterline. Seamless construction, with a concrete ballast, provides maximum durability and long life. Choose from 19 optional buoy labels (sold in pairs); bright orange marking tape is included.

Link here to find more fenders, mooring and marker buoys.

For fender and buoy accessories, including fender lines & hangers, pumps, dock lines, and more, link here for a great selection with great value.

Marine Coolers: The New Age of Cool

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The 12 volt Engel Electric Travel Cooler is designed for use on the road or on your boat

The 12 volt Engel Electric Travel Cooler is designed for use on the road or on your boat

We had a Styrofoam cooler when I was growing up. Once. Cheap, limp and ineffectual, the only thing you could count on from this cooler was that its broken pieces would never sink. Poor, sad cooler. It ended up as target practice.

We’ve certainly come a long way, baby, since those days, when the only marine cooler choices were heavy, red clunkers or the flimsy Styrofoam jobs. Now, coolers come on wheels, in stainless steel, aluminum and mahogany, and can double as cup holders. They hold more, weigh less, and stay colder than their predecessors. These days, you can even find portable electric coolers – and freezers – that offer continuous cooling and constant temperatures. Some coolers also double as seats. As in, sit-on-them seats.

Here’s a rundown of some of the best marine coolers on the market today, at the best online prices, with the best customer service standing behind them.

Engel Portable Freezers  are designed to withstand the rigors of boating and travel, with sizes from 16 to 43 quarts and durable steel bodies

Engel Portable Freezers are designed to withstand the rigors of boating and travel, with sizes from 16 to 43 quarts and durable steel bodies

Electric Coolers & Portable Freezers

If you have access to either a 12-volt or 110-volt power supply, there are some real advantages to a portable electric cooler or freezer. An electric cooler can provide continuous cooling and constant temperatures for as long as it is connected to a power supply. Use it as a portable refrigerator, make ice to replenish your larger marine cooler, or freeze your catch for the transport home. Engel Electric Marine Coolers are designed to handle the stresses of travel while providing reliable, power efficient service. This makes them a great option for that extended cruise, cross country road trip or weekend at the cabin.

Engel Electric Travel Cooler

This efficient electric travel cooler is designed for use on the road or on your boat. It has a 14-quart capacity, new convenient lid hatch, and variable temperature thermostat that maintains a constant internal temperature and cools from 40° to 0° Fahrenheit. The 12-volt power cord plugs into your standard boat or auto socket with an optional 110v AC converter available. Engel also makes a similar marine cooler with a much larger carrying capacity at 40 quarts. See it here.

Engel Portable Freezers

These portable freezers are designed to withstand the rigors of boating and travel. Sizes range from 16 to 43 quart capacities with durable steel bodies, low 2.5 amp power draw, and variable temperature control – from 40° to below 0° Fahrenheit. They auto adjust to 110V or 12/24V power and offer highly efficient compressor-based refrigeration.

The large capacity for either dry storage or Livewell cooler & seat rod holders make this Todd cooler seat the choice for any serious angler

The large capacity for either dry storage or Livewell cooler & seat rod holders make this Todd cooler seat the choice for any serious angler

Marine Cooler Seats

Maximize space on your offshore boat with cooler-seat combinations from Wise. Keep your catch fresh while enjoying all-day seating comfort and style. Wise marine cooler seats come in capacities of 15.5 to 23.5 gallons. They have 3-year fabric warranties and 6-year frame warranties. Get double duty out of these double-walled insulated cooler and swingback seat combinations. Enjoy Wise quality with all of the functionality and comfort you need.

Todd Deluxe Angler’s Dry Storage/Livewill Cooler Seats 

Any serious angler will flip over the large capacity marine cooler for either dry storage or Livewell cooler with seat rod holders. It has a 17.5-gallon (70 quart) cooler capacity, 4 integrated slots for fishing rods, dry storage or cooler option, marine grade vinyl, and a one-year warranty.

Todd also makes dry storage and swingback cooler seats, with capacities from 12.5 to 17.5 gallons, stainless steel or mahogany arms, and 1-year warranties. These popular cooler seats have everything you need, from rounded corners to prevent trapped bait, to drain fittings, rubberized gaskets, marine grade vinyl, and more.

Welcome to the New Age of Cool.

Canvas Boat Covers: Installation & Repair Is a Snap

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Using the right tool to install and remove your canvas boat cover makes the work a snap

Using the right tool to  install and remove your canvas boat cover will make the work a snap

If you’re like me, you went outside to greet your boat for the summer season with high hopes and happy expectations You are going to have great times on the lake this year! But why, why, WHY, does your boat cover always look so sad and droopy after a long winter’s rest?

Elements of wind, rain, sleet and sun can be very hard on a boat cover, stripping off snaps, shrinking and tearing fabric, and corroding metal. So if your canvas, snap-on cover isn’t living up to your expectations, or is a hassle to take on and off, perhaps you don’t have the right tools for the job.

As my grandpa always told me, “Use the right tool for the job, and that will make all the difference.” Nowhere have I found this more true than when attaching and removing the canvas top from my boat. (Perhaps with the sole exception of hanging curtain rods, but that’s a story for another day).

Consider these ingenious tools from to take the frustration, inefficiency, and limp results out of covering your boat:

The Canvas Snap Tool makes it easy to snap and unsnap boat canvas

The Canvas Snap Tool makes it easy to snap and unsnap boat canvas

Top-Snapper Snap Tool: Top-Snapper is the only canvas snap tool that works on either inside or outside snaps and features:

  • Easily snap and unsnap boat canvas
  • Align and fasten inside and outside snaps
  • Dual stainless steel blades
  • Ideal for unsnapping snaps without damaging the canvas
  • Easy-to-grip rubberized handle
  • Works on corroded snaps and shrunken canvas
  • Lifetime warranty

Snap Setter Locking Plier Snap Tool: The Snap Setter Tool is ideal for both the small shop or do-it-yourself canvas installer and features:

  • Heavy-duty plier with welded snap dies
  • Locking plier design provides greater leverage than die-and-peg snap tools
  • Quickly and easily install the cap side of the snap
  • Works great in combination with the Canvas Care Kit
The DeckMate 6-in-1 stainless deck key tool combines six essential boating tools in one handy package

The DeckMate 6-in-1 stainless deck key tool combines six essential boating tools in one handy package

DeckMate 6-in-1 Stainless Deck Key Tool: The DeckMate deck key combines six essential boating tools in one handy package and features:

  • Six essential tools in one package
  • Accommodates both right and left-handed users
  • One end includes two universal deck keys, a boat shackle key, flat head screwdriver and ¼” hex driver
  • The other end includes a zipper/toggle puller and bottle opener
  • Lifetime warranty

Pocket Size Canvas Snap Repair Kit: With the Canvas Snap Kit you can easily repair canvas boat snaps yourself. The kit features:

  • 10 complete replacement snaps
  • Punch & anvil tool for setting snaps
  • Snap lube for easy snapping
  • Convenient pocket-sized case with lanyard
  • Plastic case will float, even when full of snaps

See more “right tools for the job” to help you with your canvas cover, at this link from

The Washington Recreation and Conservation Office just released a few new app that helps boaters find boat ramps, moorage and amenities

The Washington Recreation and Conservation Office just released a few new app that helps boaters find launch ramps, moorage and amenities

Let’s say you’re cruising around the San Juan Islands. Everything is perfect – the water, the breeze, the sun, and the company. But the day is winding down and you need to find a place to moor for the weekend. Where you dock, to some degree, depends on available amenities, such as fuel, provisions, showers, laundry, and pump stations. So, you drag out the usual manuals and maps and begin scouring them for suitable accommodations.

Or … with the new Washington Water Cruiser App, launched by the Washington State Recreation and Conservation Office, you can pull up all this information at the touch of your fingers – and  you can view it in aerial, street map and nautical chart views.

The new smart phone boating app – free for iPhones and Androids – details all state-owned boat launches and moorage sites open to the public, along with amenities for boaters at each site. You can find places to launch your boat and tie up for the weekend. You can find a place to dine, shower, fuel up and do laundry. The app will also help you avoid certain water hazards, such as derelict vessels, shoals, and environmental issues, according to the Google Play App Store.

“This app will be really helpful to a lot of boaters,” said George Harris, president of the Northwest Marine Trade Association, the nation’s largest regional marine association. “In the past, you’d have to carry a couple of cruising manuals or visit several Web sites to plan an outing. Now, you can see the information you need on your smart phone or tablet while you’re on the water.”

The Washington Boater App displays maps in street, aerial and nautical views

The Washington Water Cruiser App displays maps in street, aerial and nautical views

“This app brings together information from three state agencies,” said Kaleen Cottingham, director of the Recreation and Conservation Office. “It has information on boat launches, moorage slips and pump locations, in both eastern and western Washington, from the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission and the Recreation and Conservation Office.”

Read more about Washington Water Cruiser – the free new app for Washington boaters – at the Washington State Recreation and Conservation Office website.

Description From the Google Play App Store: The Washington Water Cruiser is a real time mobile boater engagement platform. Utilizing existing public data as a mapping back drop, the Water Cruiser provides a free, simple, and intuitive platform empowering the boating public to keep the data that’s important to them (boat launches, marinas, pumpouts, docks, etc.) up to date and to identify water hazards (derelict vessels, shoals, environmental issues, etc.); an opportunity for government to use technology to save time and money plus improve data quality and accountability; and a positive, collaborative platform for real public engagement. A map communicates to all and the Washington Water Cruiser makes sure that map is accurate.

Pontoon boat seats instantly upgrade the look and value of your pontoon boat, and can be purchased in individual pieces or furniture groupings

Pontoon boat seats instantly upgrade the look and value of your pontoon boat, and can be purchased in individual pieces or furniture groupings

Upgrading your pontoon boat seats is a fantastic way to make a big splash for the opening of boating season, a special vacation, a big party, or simply adding value to your boat. But don’t rush into your purchase without getting out your tape measure. There is a right way to choose pontoon boat seats, so that you will be thrilled with the results – instead of investing your time and money into a configuration that isn’t functional for your particular pontoon boat.

How to Measure: For the most accurate and consistent measurements, use the inside of the rails as your guide. Allow for rail support braces in your final calculations, subtracting the diameter of the brace from your widths and lengths.

Front and Back, Side to Side: Your pontoon boat seats and furniture can be divided into two main groups: front and back. The side gates determine the mid point.

Your Measurement Check List: With these measurements you know the footprint of your two sections, front and back, and can select pontoon boat furniture that fits, is fully functional, and maximizes available space.

  1. Measure distance between port and starboard rails
  2. Measure distance between rear rail and side gate
  3. Measure distance between front rail and side gate

Choosing Your Pontoon Boat Seats and Furniture: You may be happy to learn that you do not have to follow the exact same configuration that came with your pontoon boat when you bought it. When you are upgrading or replacing your pontoon boat seats and furniture, you can select an arrangement that best suits your needs and budget.

Choices of Pontoon Boat Seats and Furniture: SavvyBoater offers pontoon boat seats and furniture from WISE. WISE boat seats offer a long tradition of quality and experience, utilizing only the best design, processes and components to deliver the ultimate in comfort and durability.

  • Highest quality materials
  • Rugged, durable designs
  • Attractive color & pattern options
  • Genuine manufacturer accessories
  • Industry leading warranty

WISE manufactures pontoon boat seats and furniture in Deluxe and Premier – so you can choose according to your budget. Seats feature hinged design and embedded cup-holders as well as generous storage underneath each seat. Here is a sampling of product choices from WISE, sold individually: bench seat, high-back seat, bucket seat, flip-flop seat, recliner, corner section, steering console and armrest. Accessories include tables available in three shapes (rectangle, oblong or octagon) and separate cup holders with plastic or stainless steel inserts. To save time and money, you can choose from pontoon furniture groups, in Deluxe or Premium, with 11 or 15 pieces in traditional or L-shaped configurations.

Deluxe pontoon boat seat colors from WISE

Deluxe pontoon boat seat colors from WISE

Choose Your Colors: Wise offers a sassy selection of colors to suit your personal aesthetics. Choose from Deluxe solid colors of white, sand or gray. Your tri-colored choices are: white/navy/blue, white/red/charcoal, sand/chestnut/gold, gray/navy/blue and gray/red/charcoal. WISE will also send you fabric samples if you just can’t decide. Premium color choices are jade/fawn, navy/cobalt and wineberry/manatee.

Link here to see Savvy Boater’s great selection of pontoon seats and furniture, sold individually or in groupings. Link here to Savvy Boater’s How-To Guide for pontoon boat furniture.

The unique hinge design of the EasyTroller trolling plate allows your boat to troll as slow as 1mph, and flexes to prevent damage under sudden accesleration

The unique hinge design of the Easy Troller trolling plate allows your boat to troll as slow as 1mph, and flexes to prevent damage under sudden acceleration

So there you are, trolling along, angling to catch the fish of day. You’re located in the perfect spot, you’ve got the perfect bait, and it’s the perfect time of day. Sigh. Why aren’t the fish biting?

Well, here’s the thing: You can’t catch a fish if the fish can’t catch your bait. Which means you’re going too fast. What you need is an Easy Troller trolling plate. This ingenious design will slow your boat to optimal trolling speeds, as slow as one mile per hour or less, and still give you the control you need to navigate through those great fishing holes.

One of the typical problems with traditional trolling plates is that they bend or brake when the boat accelerates. Good news: The patented spring hinge design of the Easy Troller flexes upward to prevent damage to the trolling plate under accidental acceleration.

The Easy Troller trolling plate mounts directly to the motor’s anti-cavitation plate and drops down behind the prop to slow the boat to trolling speeds. The optional hydrofoil trolling plate model combines two products into one to improve fuel economy and performance.

Key Features of the Easy Troller Trolling Plate:

  • Slows boats to ideal trolling speed, even as slow as 1 mph
  • Patented hinged plate design flexes upward to prevent damage or shear pin breakage
  • Mounts directly to the cavitation plate of your outboard or outdrive, a few inches behind the propeller
  • Standard size fits motors 50 – 300 Horsepower
  • Short size fits motors 30 – 45 Horsepower
  • Optional hydrofoil fins to improve performance and reduce porpoising
  • Made from marine-grade anodized aluminum and stainless steel
  • One year warranty
  • Made in the USA

Easy Troller Comparison crop2How is the Easy Troller Different From Other Trolling Plates?  

Under power, prop thrust can bend or damage the typical trolling plate. As shown in the diagram, right, the ingenious design of the Easy Troller flexes out, to divert the prop thrust downward, preventing damage to the plate itself.

Do I Need the Easy Troller Hydrofoil Fins?

Hydrofoil fins can help boat performance by moving the boat to a plane more quickly, and reducing porpoising in those boats that have this tendency. They can also have a positive impact on fuel economy as they allow the boat to maintain a plane at slightly lower RPMs. To determine whether you need the optional hydrofoil fins for your motor, consider the following factors.

First, the trolling plate itself helps bring a boat up to plane when in the up position. Second, the hydrofoil effect varies widely by boat depending upon the hull design, weight and motor, so it is difficult to project the precise impact of the hydrofoil fins. If you aren’t sure you need the hydrofoil fins, try the Easy Troller without them. Of your boat struggles to get up on a plane, porpoises, or performs better with fins, then the Easy Troller hydrofoil fins would be your best bet.

Available Easy Troller Models:

Standard Plate                         Outboard /Inboard-Outboard              50-300 Horsepower

Short Plate                                 Inboard-Outboard                                 30-45 Horsepower

Standard Plate with Fins        Outboard /Inboard-Outboard             50-300 Horsepower

Short Plate with Fins               Inboard-Outboard                                  30-45 Horsepower

Fins Only                                For Standard and Short Plates

If you need help choosing a trolling plate beyond the tips offered here, offers expert customer service. Click here for phone, email and live chat options.