3 Ways Dock De-Icers Save You Money

October 30th, 2012 | Posted by SavvyBoater in Deicer & Ice Eater Units

How Dock De-icers Can Save You Thousands

With the winter season fast approaching, boat owners in the colder parts of the world are rushing to protect their docks, ponds, and boats against costly ice damage. While some have the luxury of setting out for warmer waters or paying for dry storage, many owners protect their boats and slips with a cost-effective and smart solution: wintering their boats using dock de-icers or ice eaters.

Dock de-icers utilize small motors that propel warmer water from below toward the icy surface and keep it circulating, preventing the water at the surface from freezing. They essentially create a warm-water barrier that prevents ice from forming around valuable docks, boats, and slips.

The average cost of a de-icer unit ranges from $450 to $750, but this is small compared to the cost of repairs or  potential lost revenue due to ice damage.

Here are 3 ways de-icers save you money:

1. De-icers protect harbors, marinas and docks from ice jacking

Ice Jacking Damage to Docks

Ice jacking occurs when ice forms around dock pilings and, with the movement of the tides, pulls the pilings out from the ground. This damages docks and slips and requires the pilings to be reinserted or replaced, which can cost thousands of dollars.

Dock and marina owners not only lose money on repair costs from physical damage due to ice, but also suffer from the effects of downtime on their property and lost business.

By installing de-icers in their marinas, owners will be able to operate continuously during winter months and prevent  costly dock repairs and piling replacements.

2. De-icers prevent ice damage to boats and boat houses

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Boats moored in docks during the winter are susceptible to moving ice and ice expansion damage. Ice that forms around the hull of boats has the potential to damage the rudder and propeller. Additionally, when ice encloses a boat, movement from the current and wind may cause the ice to grind up against the boat. This grinding can scrape away the outer coating and frequently has with enough force to cause structural damage.

De-icers create a barrier of warm water around boats and boat houses that will buffer against moving ice and keep ice from forming around the boat’s hull. This saves boat owners from costly repairs and allows them to store their boat in the water through the winter season.

3. De-icers can be used in any season

Although de-icers are mostly used in the winter months (hence the name), they continue to provide value throughout the year. In warmer seasons like spring and summer, water can become stagnant and foul in areas of docks where the wind and current does not spread. This water can develop odor-producing algae and produce an unpleasant experience for boaters and visitors to lakes.

Dock de-icers can also serve as aerators in hotter months, circulating the water to keep it oxygenated and preventing algae build up. Ice eaters can also help clean the water surrounding boats and docks and direct debris in the water to areas where it is easily collected.

You can see how purchasing a dock de-icer can provide thousands of dollars in value over time by protecting against ice damage and the need for costly repairs, keeping you open for business in winter months and working for you throughout the summer.

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