A Pontoon Boat Ladder Primer

June 24th, 2013 | Posted by melissa in Pontoon Boat Ladders

When you are looking for a new boat ladder for your pontoon boat, you will start your search based upon where on your pontoon boat you want to mount the ladder. There are three standard mounting locations – directly onto the pontoon deck, at the side gate or at the rear/transom of your pontoon. Read on to learn a bit about each style to know what features you should pay attention to when shopping for your pontoon ladder.

crone_pontoon_ladder_cr1_deployedDeck Mount Pontoon Boat Ladders

Pontoon boat ladders that mount to your pontoon deck can be secured in a fixed position or mounted to easily and quickly remove when not in use. Fixed ladders fold to mount against the boat when not needed. The most popular style of deck mount pontoon boat ladders is the bow mounted, under-deck style ladder. It mounts under the front deck and the steps fold out for easy boarding or deboarding. Another highly popular deck mount pontoon ladder is really not a ladder at all but a boarding ramp. The fixed mounting includes wheels that allow the ramp to easily slide in or out for use or stowage. This style can make boat boarding easier for small children, older people or anyone who may have trouble with a traditional ladder.

pontoon_ladder_thSide Gate Mount Pontoon Boat Ladders

These ladders all feature hooks at the top of the handle that easily fit into plastic mounting cups installed into the deck so that the ladder can be put on and off quickly as needed. The ladders fold for compact storage and may also feature telescoping steps. Options are available with varying numbers of steps to meet your needs.

Rear/Transom Mount Pontoon Boat Ladders

These pontoon boat ladders are available in either fixed or removable versions. Fixed models fold for storage on the transom itself. The removable ladder folds and telescopes for stowage either off or on your pontoon boat. The ladders can be mounted either on top of the transom or with flush mounts against the boat hull.

pontoon_ladder_crone_useLadders make a big difference in helping people get on and off your boat more safely and without hassle. Take the time to find the one that is right for you today.


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