4 Best Commercial Boat Fenders

April 4th, 2013 | Posted by SavvyBoater in Boat Fenders & Buoys

Are you a commercial boat owner looking for big boat fenders? Here are our top 4 choices for commercial boat fenders!

The Polyform A Series fender provides maximum standoff for protecting large boats.

The Polyform A Series fender provides maximum standoff for protecting large boats.

Polyform A Series Fenders are round, so they can also be used as buoys. These fenders provide extra strength in conserving your commercial fishing boat. These are reliable in the most extreme conditions, and provide the maximum standoff for your boat due to their round shape.

Polyform F Series Commercial Grade Boat Fenders are loved by the US Navy, Coast Guard and commercial fishermen. They are extremely heavy-duty and are ideal for large and tidal waves. These fenders are specifically made for larger boats in the most rugged marine applications. These can also be hung vertically or horizontally and have an even wall thickness for durability.

Taylor Made Tuff End Boat Fenders are perfect for large boats up to and over 100’. They are ideal for most water conditions and low or high wind. These are heavy duty, strong and reliable boat fenders and work great for protecting commercial boats. These fenders can be hung vertically or horizontally and were created to withstand extreme marine conditions.

Megafend Soild-Core Yacht Fenders are extremely heavy-duty and rugged, with a solid core and 1” PVC center pipe. Fenders with this center pipe can protect against the most extreme marine conditions, even severe storms. They even come with a Sunbrella cover for added protection.

So, do you have a commercial boat and are looking for a fender? Shop around at SavvyBoater.com and see which is the best fit for you!

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