4 Ways to Mount Your Dock De-Icer or Ice Eater

November 29th, 2012 | Posted by SavvyBoater in Deicer & Ice Eater Units

Dock in Ice by John Berry, The Post Standard

John Berry / The Post Standard

De-icer mounting options

If you own a private dock or if you have your boat moored in a marina where cold winter temperatures freeze the surrounding water, odds are you could use a de-icer to prevent against ice damage. We’ve gone into detail on this blog in the past on the many ways ice eaters and de-icers prevent ice damage to your property and the multiple ways ice eaters can save you money.

For those of you who don’t know, ice eaters function by drawing up warm water to the surface to prevent ice formation. You set de-icers at different angles in the water to achieve the clearing area that you need.

How do you go about setting these angles in the water? Here are four different ways to mount your dock de-icer or ice eater and get the most out of your product!

Suspension Lines

Mount your de-icer by using suspension linesKasco de-icers and Power House ice eaters come shipped with suspension lines as the default method to position your unit in the water. Each product ships with two suspension ropes that should be spread at least eight to ten feet apart, as you can see in the diagram. Kasco de-icers are designed with a cage and Power House ice eaters incorporate a patented shroud with notches where you can adjust the angle of your unit based on where you tie your suspension cord.

The suspension lines are a great option if you have ample places to tie your suspension lines on the surface.

Dock Mounts

Mount your de-icer with a dock mountA second option to consider for positioning your ice eater is using a dock mount. Dock mounts make your placement more secure than suspension lines because they are bolted onto your dock or piling and are not affected by currents or movement in the water.

One thing you must take into consideration, however, is the mount installation. Both Kasco and Power House provide the actual mount, but you must use your own lag bolts for attaching the mount to your dock or piling and get your own pipe to extend the de-icer through the mount and into the water.

Once in the water, the mounts allow for easy adjustment for 360 degree angling. You will have the ability to control the depth, direction, and angle of your de-icer from the comfort of your dock.

Float Mounts

Mount your de-icer with a float mountIn areas where the water level fluctuates, having your de-icer in a stationary position means that it could end up above the water level or too far below. This not only prevents it from adequately preventing ice formation but could also severely damage the unit. For this reason, Kasco offers a horizontal float mount. The float mount allows the de-icer to stay on the surface of the water away from debris. It adjusts its position with the changing water levels to maintain an optimal position at all times.

Because it is horizontally positioned, it creates an elongated clearing area, which is useful for straight docks. The unit can be kept floating in place by using stakes or weights tied to the ice eater. Another benefit to using these float mounts are that they can be used in warmer months as pond circulators.

Shallow Water Stands

Mount your ice eater with a shallow water standFor shallow water areas like duck ponds, Mallard View’s Shallow Water Stand is a great option for mounting your ice eater. The shallow water stand is a portable, free-standing mount that is easy to pick up and use as you please. It is useful to clear the water when hunting or fishing in shallow areas and the positioning can be adjusted both horizontally and vertically.

One thing to consider with these mounts is the water level. The ideal usage is from 18” to 48” and you will want to monitor water levels to ensure that it is not above or below that level. You also must take into consideration that the unit should not be used in water that will freeze solid to the ground.

With all these mounting options at your disposal there is surely one that fits your particular application. For whatever mounting stand or de-icer need you have, be sure to check out SavvyBoater.com for a full selection of ice eaters and accessories.

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