5 Tips For Safe – And Fun – Boat Tube Rides!

July 8th, 2013 | Posted by melissa in Boat Tube Towables | Everything Boating & Fishing

Riding on an inflatable boat tube is something fun for young and old alike. Here are a few tips to help you stay safe and get the most fun out of your towable for everyone in your group.

1) Get the right tow rope

Tow ropes are available based upon the number of riders you will be pulling. So, if you have a 3-rider towable, make sure you get a rope that is rated for the same weight and number of riders. If you use too light of a rope, you risk problems and also put undue stress on your boat tube and its cover.

Additionally, for boats with low tow points, consider getting a tow rope-buoy combination. This handy product keeps your line up and out of the water, reducing drag and increasing performance. It also limits the stress put on your tube and cover.

2) Keep boat tube properly inflated

Just like a car tire, your boat tube will perform at its best when properly inflated. Make sure your riders get the optimal experience by keeping your tubes inflated as per the manufacturer suggestions.

3) Use “skiier down” flag

Even though the “skiier down” flag is only required in certain states, we think it’s a great way to keep your towable riders safe and encourage everyone to use one.

4) Have life jackets that fit

Just making sure a rider wears a life jacket is not enough. Ensuring proper fit goes a long way toward keeping everyone safe. Even strong swimmers need to be properly protected – there’s a big difference between going in the water when you choose and getting thrown in when you don’t expect it.

5) Maintain even weight distribution

For boat tubes rated for 2 or more riders, keeping the weight distribution even from side to side or front to back can help performance. If you have a 3-rider tube, for example, put the 2 people whose weight is closest to each other on the ends with the third rider in the middle.

That’s it – just a few easy tips to follow to keep your summer boat tubing safe and fun for all.



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