5 Tips for Trailering with a Boat Cover

April 21st, 2015 | Posted by SavvyBoater in Boat Covers | Trailering

We’ve put together five tips you should follow to ensure that your boat cover is properly secured, so you don’t end up damaging your boat and your cover.

#1. Use Quality Tie-Down Straps

A set of webbed polypropylene tie-down straps won’t absorb water or stretch, unlike nylon rope and bungee cords. Polypropylene webbing lasts longer and is lighter than both nylon and cotton. These are the types of straps that get used in a number of other applications from securing kayaks to attaching roof bags to the top of a car.

Boat Cover Tie-Down Kit#2. Install Tie-Down Straps Properly

Most boat covers come equipped with with tie-down loops along the hem of the cover. These covers are easy to attach as the tie-down straps simply thread through the loops and secured to various points on the trailer. The tie-down straps are equipped with the same type of quick release buckles you would find on a backpack or life jacket so they should be easy and familiar to use. For a step-by-step installation guide, visit the Carver Boat Cover Tie-Down Kit instructions.

#3. Space Tie-Down Straps Appropriately

Each tie-down strap kit comes with a dozen polypropylene straps. Most boat covers are equipped with more tie-down loops than straps and that’s OK as long as you space the tie-down straps appropriately. Spacing will depend on what’s available to tie-down to but you will want to secure the cover at multiple points around the trailer.

#4. Remove Excess Strap Length

It is important to trim excess length from the tie-down straps so that they do not flap against the side of the boat while trailering. A whole summer of trailering to and from the lake with straps flapping in the wind could easily cause unwanted wear on the side of your boat or trailer. Once you have trimmed away excess length, lightly singe the end of the strap with a lighter to prevent fraying and unraveling. 

#5. Only Trailer with Well-Fitting Boat Covers

You should only consider trailering with a boat cover if the cover fits well. Custom and semi-custom boat covers are work well, universal boat covers are designed for storage and are don’t trailer. An ill-fitting cover with large gaps is likely to catch wind while trailering which will tear the cover.

Boat Cover Properly Secured for Trailering

Boat Cover Properly Secured for Trailering



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