AnchorLift: An Anchor Puller Does the Work for You

February 19th, 2014 | Posted by SavvyBoater in Docking & Anchoring

The AnchorLift buoy lets the power of your boat pull up the anchor, and the buoy holds the anchor at the water's surface.

The AnchorLift lets the power of your boat pull the anchor up; the buoy holds the anchor at the water’s surface.

I’m breaking a sweat. It’s hot out, I’m anxious to get underway, and I’m hauling up my anchor, hand-over-hand, one grueling foot at a time. The rope is accumulating in snarls at my feet, my back is killing me, and one slip of my grip and the anchor is heading back to the bottom, with me entangled. All this because I don’t have an AnchorLift, an ingenious tool that raises your anchor for you. As far as anchor pullers go, you won’t find any match for its value, performance and warranty. Here is how it works – fast, safe and sort of fun, actually. The AnchorLift is comprised of a buoy – which also marks your anchor – and a little gadget called the anchor lift. Thread your anchor line through the body of the anchor lift. Then throw the anchor and buoy overboard and let the anchor out to the desired depth. Here’s the fun part: When you’re ready to bring up the anchor, start your engine and motor toward and around the buoy. When you feel the anchor break free, motor forward 5-10 mph with the buoy bobbing behind. The buoy literally floats the anchor to the surface of the water, and a sliding bolt in the anchor lift holds it there. At this point, simply steer slowly toward the buoy, reeling in the slack rope as you go. Voila! Your anchor is at your fingertips and you haven’t broken a sweat – or your back – in the process. If all this sounds complicated, it isn’t. Click on this link to view short video (1:55) to see the AnchorLift anchor puller in action. With an AnchorLift from Savvy Boater, I don’t have to be the human anchor puller anymore. The buoy and the power of my own boat do the hard work for me.

Key Features of AnchorLift Anchor Puller/Retrieval System

  • Will float anchors or traps up to 80 lbs
  • Stainless steel sliding bolt locks the anchor at the surface
  • Constructed from marine-grade nylon reinforced with stainless steel at all wear points
  • Requires 3/8″ to 5/8″ anchor line
  • Also works with crab and shrimp pots
  • Acts as a marker buoy in case of a quick anchor release
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Made in the USA

The AnchorLift also comes in extremely handy for those angling for large fish, such as sturgeon. A 300-pound fish can easily snap a line. If you knot your anchor at the bitter end, and rig the line around a bow cleat, you can easily throw off the line and go in fast, hot pursuit. The knot will keep the AnchorLift on the line and the buoy will mark your anchor when you return with your prize. I’m also remembering the old days in Puget Sound, crabbing with my father in the early hours of the morning. An AnchorLift would have come in handy when hauling up 50 pounds of fresh crab at a time. Now if Savvy Boater could just come up with a way to reel in a salmon while I relax with a sandwich and a cold drink …

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