Are You in the Market for a New Pontoon Bimini Top?

May 6th, 2013 | Posted by SavvyBoater in Pontoon Bimini Tops

If you want to enjoy a day in the sun on your pontoon, you must have a bimini top. This cover will block the sun from your eyes, and keep you in the shade on a scorching summer’s day.

There are three different kinds of pontoon bimini tops. They all have nylon standard fittings, with a stainless steel upgrade available. All types also have a rear brace kit, mount on the side rails (which requires drilling), and a 1” aluminum square tubing frame. Yes, they are all quite similar, but there each have defining characteristics.

A standard pontoon bimini has 4 total bows, 2 in the front and 2 in the back. It has a standard bimini appearance and 2 nylon hold-down straps that attach the front of the bimini to the forward rails. This is, obviously, the most standard option.

A self-supporting pontoon bimini has four bows, two in the front and two in the back as well. The difference in this style are that there are horizontal cross struts instead of the hold-down straps. That’s the perk: there are fewer straps so visually it is “less cluttered”.

Lastly, there is the dual top pontoon bimini. This style has 6 total bows, 2 in the front and 4in the back. The reason to purchase this bimini style is that there is a seamless option for longer pontoon boats that allows coverage over a greater percentage of your boat. And, it easily unzips to allow you to use only 1 portion as a “regular” size or style bimini if you like. So, in essence, you get a “2-fer” with this purchase.

Now that you know the popular styles, I’ll tell you about the three most popular fabric choices.

4-Bow_PontoonFirst, there is 100% acrylic-coated polyester, that has excellent water and mildew resistant qualities, but low breathability attributes, so it’s best for cool, dry climates.

100% marine-grade polyester has amazing strength and durability, water and UV resistance, and perfect breathability qualities. This choice is perfect for almost any climate.

Lastly, there is a 100% marine-grade acrylic option. This option is even better for UV protection and mildew protection, and is the ideal fabric for salt water boats.

The last step in choosing the perfect pontoon bimini top is figuring out which length you need. There are three length categories available.

First is the 8′ length, which is our most popular since they fit all boat sizes. When ordering the 8′ bimini top, you can chose a standard or self supporting frame. They come in Sunbrella or Polyguard material. Each 8′ choice has 4 bows and a rear brace pole, with 4 hold down straps. The rear brace kit makes it easy to store the bimini when not in use. They’re all water resistent and come with a storage boot.

The 9′ length is best for boats 24′ and longer. These also come in Sunbrella or Polyguard material, and are available with a standard frame. Besides that, they have all the same qualities as the 8′.

The 10′ length fits boats 28′ and longer. They also have a standard frame and, you guessed it, the 10′ bimini top shares all the same attributes as the 8′ and 9′.

Which type of Pontoon Bimini Top are you thinking of buying?

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