Backyard Bass: Teaching Kids to Cast

March 20th, 2014 | Posted by Kyla in Fishing

Backyard Bass is a fun game that also teaches kids how to cast and reel

Backyard Bass is a fun game that also teaches kids how to cast and reel

I know a young man, around 12 years old, who loves to fish. He absolutely loves it. He would fish seven days a week if he could. He’s got his pole, his gear, his tackle, bait, weights, wigglers and what-nots. He is ready to roll at 6am with peanut butter sandwiches, happy hopes, and great expectations.

The problem is, he has no technique. He can’t seem to cast his line where he wants it to go. He has spent hours upon hours on the river, in the rain, chill, sleet and heat and he has never once caught a fish.

What I love about this kid is that he never gives up. He just knows the fish are out there and one of these days, he is going to catch one.

To reward his dedication and to help teach him how to cast, I bought him the Backyard Bass from This innovative game is really fun and effective and now the whole family wants in on it.

Backyard Bass 3

The Backyard Bass Standard Starter Kit comes with three brightly colored fish and two casting plugs

The kit comes with three brightly colored fish and two casting plus. Just place the fish in the backyard, stand as far away as you’d like, and cast the plug on the far side of the fish. As you reel the line over the fish, the plug tucks itself into a clever little slot and “catches” the fish.

As your student anglers get better and better at casting, you can strategically place the fish in more difficult places – behind rocks, flower pots and chairs, for example.

You can create fun, engaging games with the Backyard Bass by assigning different colored fish point values and offering prizes to everyone who plays. Stage a family, neighborhood or school tournament to get kids together for fun, productive activities. Click here to get several game ideas from

The Backyard Bass comes in starter kits of various quantities starting with 3 fish per unit, and 16 fish per unit in the Education Starter Kit. The more units you purchase, the more money you save per unit. Standard colors are blue, orange and yellow. The Education Starter Kit includes green fish, too. Custom colors are available in quantities of more than 300 fish.

Endorsed by the Future Fisherman Foundation, Backyard Bass helps teach kids (and grown-ups) casting techniques and helps improve their casting accuracy. When they snag a Backyard Bass with the casting plug, they get to reel it in just like they would a real live fish.

Backyard Bass are popular with angler educators, clubs and organizations, schools, parents and families. This summer, when we drag out the volleyball net and croquet set, we’ll also have the Backyard Bass in our collection of games to keep everyone engaged, entertained and having fun together.

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