Bow Mounted Pontoon Boat Ladders

April 22nd, 2014 | Posted by Kyla in Boat Ladders

A great selection of pontoon boat ladders expand the amount of safety, ease, fun to be had when boating

A great selection of pontoon boat ladders expand the amount of safety, ease, and fun to be had when boating

When my father was aging – fragile but still spunky – I wanted to take him on a family celebration – an outing that included my siblings, three kids, a lake, a pontoon boat, and the family dog.

The main challenge: How to safely and easily get everyone on and off the boat?  We were cruising around for several days in the summer sun, each to their own purposes, and with lots of comings and goings. Fortunately we had great choices for embarking and disembarking – on land and in the water – with these pontoon boat ladders:

Pontoon Boarding Ramp

For dad and the dog – best friends always stick together – we used the JIF Pontoon Boarding Ramp from This unique bow mounted ramp makes it extremely easy for people and pets – or anyone unable to use a traditional boat ladder – to join you for fun on your boat. Even for people who can use a traditional bow mount ladder, this ramp simply makes boarding that much easier and safer. The ramp stows under the pontoon deck, and easily slides in and out on plastic wheels. Its non-skid surface prevents slippage, even when it’s wet.

Boater Sports Dock/Pontoon Ladder

For those inspired to jump off the boat for extensive hours of water play, the best choice is the sports ladder, which works on docks as well as pontoon boats. With non-skid steps for safe and comfortable footing, and an angled design for easy boarding, the pontoon boat sports ladder is built for ease-of-use, strength and durability … at an unbeatable price. It’s easy to install, simple to remove, and supports up to 400 pounds.

JIF Fixed Folding Deck Mount Pontoon Ladder

This popular, high-quality pontoon boat ladder easily mounts on any pontoon boat deck. When not in use, the folding steps stay out of the way and above the waterline. This ladder is constructed of anodized aluminum with four steps, and is quick and easy to install.

JIF Removable Folding Deck Mount Pontoon Ladder

This highly popular folding pontoon boat ladder mounts to the deck of your pontoon boat easily with the included EHD flush mounts. The cushioned standoff and four plastic steps provide safety and comfort, and it is easy to take on and off as needed.


The ladder stores under the bow, out of the way and above the water line

The under deck pontoon ladder stores beneath the bow, out of the way and above the water line

JIF Bow Mount, Under Deck Pontoon Ladder

The most popular pontoon boat ladder is the sturdy, aluminum JIF Bow Mount, Under Deck Pontoon Ladder. It is easy to deploy from both the water and the deck, and stows conveniently under the boat at the bow. Models are available for flat or rounded bows, the ladder slides horizontally to store under the deck, and four wide steps allow for easy boarding. The bow mount position keeps swimmers safely away from the motor.

All of the above ladders come with the required mounting hardware, 1- to 2-year warranties, and the excellent customer service has become known for.

Limits are important when boating, particularly concerning age, sun exposure, speed and adult beverages. But there shouldn’t be any limits to who can participate, or to the amount of fun to be had. With these choices in pontoon boat ladders, there doesn’t have to be. Here’s to you, Dad!


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