Duck Hunting with a Pond Deicer

December 19th, 2014 | Posted by SavvyBoater in Deicer & Ice Eater Units

Ducks in the Ice-holeEncourage ducks to stick around through the freeze.

As avid waterfowl hunters know, a successful hunting season greatly depends on the weather: If fall weather stays warm, the birds will take their time heading south. But if the temperatures cool quickly and ice forms over lakes and ponds the season will reach an abrupt end.

Ducks need water for nesting purposes, feeding, and a place to rest that is secure from predators. If the birds see an area iced over, they will keep on flying until they find open water. Adios! Season over!

Winter waterfowl hunting is tremendously easier, more productive, and safer when you forgo hand tools to break up ice, and use a deicer instead.

A deicer is a small motorized propeller that unfreezes an area of water by pulling warm water from the bottom and circulating it to the top which keeps ice from forming.

Mount your ice eater with a shallow water stand

Tips for Using a Deicer for Duck Hunting

  1. Run the deicer and the generator its being powered off of before dawn to avoid scaring the birds away.
  2. TURN OFF everything before daylight shooting hours.
  3. Place decoys in the open water to help attract more birds.
  4. Use a deicer stand for shallow water- this allows for easy placing and adjustment in the center of a pond that doesn’t have a dock to attach a deicer to.


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