Furniture On the Go: What to Consider When Purchasing Pontoon Boat Seats

May 29th, 2014 | Posted by Kyla in Pontoon Boat Seats

Pontoon boat seats instantly upgrade the look and value of your pontoon boat, and can be purchased in individual pieces or furniture groupings

Pontoon boat seats instantly upgrade the look and value of your pontoon boat, and can be purchased in individual pieces or furniture groupings

Upgrading your pontoon boat seats is a fantastic way to make a big splash for the opening of boating season, a special vacation, a big party, or simply adding value to your boat. But don’t rush into your purchase without getting out your tape measure. There is a right way to choose pontoon boat seats, so that you will be thrilled with the results – instead of investing your time and money into a configuration that isn’t functional for your particular pontoon boat.

How to Measure: For the most accurate and consistent measurements, use the inside of the rails as your guide. Allow for rail support braces in your final calculations, subtracting the diameter of the brace from your widths and lengths.

Front and Back, Side to Side: Your pontoon boat seats and furniture can be divided into two main groups: front and back. The side gates determine the mid point.

Your Measurement Check List: With these measurements you know the footprint of your two sections, front and back, and can select pontoon boat furniture that fits, is fully functional, and maximizes available space.

  1. Measure distance between port and starboard rails
  2. Measure distance between rear rail and side gate
  3. Measure distance between front rail and side gate

Choosing Your Pontoon Boat Seats and Furniture: You may be happy to learn that you do not have to follow the exact same configuration that came with your pontoon boat when you bought it. When you are upgrading or replacing your pontoon boat seats and furniture, you can select an arrangement that best suits your needs and budget.

Choices of Pontoon Boat Seats and Furniture: SavvyBoater offers pontoon boat seats and furniture from WISE. WISE boat seats offer a long tradition of quality and experience, utilizing only the best design, processes and components to deliver the ultimate in comfort and durability.

  • Highest quality materials
  • Rugged, durable designs
  • Attractive color & pattern options
  • Genuine manufacturer accessories
  • Industry leading warranty

WISE manufactures pontoon boat seats and furniture in Deluxe and Premier – so you can choose according to your budget. Seats feature hinged design and embedded cup-holders as well as generous storage underneath each seat. Here is a sampling of product choices from WISE, sold individually: bench seat, high-back seat, bucket seat, flip-flop seat, recliner, corner section, steering console and armrest. Accessories include tables available in three shapes (rectangle, oblong or octagon) and separate cup holders with plastic or stainless steel inserts. To save time and money, you can choose from pontoon furniture groups, in Deluxe or Premium, with 11 or 15 pieces in traditional or L-shaped configurations.

Deluxe pontoon boat seat colors from WISE

Deluxe pontoon boat seat colors from WISE

Choose Your Colors: Wise offers a sassy selection of colors to suit your personal aesthetics. Choose from Deluxe solid colors of white, sand or gray. Your tri-colored choices are: white/navy/blue, white/red/charcoal, sand/chestnut/gold, gray/navy/blue and gray/red/charcoal. WISE will also send you fabric samples if you just can’t decide. Premium color choices are jade/fawn, navy/cobalt and wineberry/manatee.

Link here to see Savvy Boater’s great selection of pontoon seats and furniture, sold individually or in groupings. Link here to Savvy Boater’s How-To Guide for pontoon boat furniture.

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