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June 12th, 2012 | Posted by SavvyBoater in Nautical Gifts

Father’s Day is a time to let the man of the house sit back, relax, and enjoy what he loves most: family, a day off, and boating.  Spending a day out on the water will achieve all three this Father’s Day, but why not give him a gift to complement the great day that the whole family will surely enjoy?  Here are a couple gift ideas for the Dad who wants nothing more than to be on the boat with his family on Father’s Day.

A Boating Fathers Day

Dad Enjoying Father’s Day with Family on the Water

Inflatable Life Vests

Keep your Dad safe out their on the water.  Replace that old and bulky life vest with a new inflatable life vest this father’s day.  Since it doesn’t inflate until it’s actually needed, it’s not bulky like most life vests.  This allows for free movement and breathability, a necessity when you’re out fishing.

Boat Cover

Does Dad like to keep his boat looking clean and sharp?  Why not invest in a boat cover to help keep it that way.  A good boat cover protects the boat against the elements like mold, mildew and UV rays, and will increase the life of the boat, good for Dad and you.

Fabric Cleaner or Guard

If Dad already has a boat cover, he’s going to need to make sure that it stays in tip top shape.  Get him some good fabric cleaner to get out the tough stains or get some fabric guard keep up the cover’s water repellency.  While not flashy, it may be the most valuable Father’s Day gift he gets.


What Dad doesn’t love tubing on the water at 20 mph?  Even more what Dad doesn’t love seeing his kids skimming across the water with smiles as wide as a crocodiles?  Get Dad a towable tube for Father’s day to add to his boating arsenal.  Even though it may be more for the kids, isn’t the best Father’s day present a Dad can get is a fun day out on the water with his kids?

Deck Key tool

What Dad doesn’t love tools?  While they are a bit of a fathers day cliche’, there is good reason why: Dads love tools.  This DeckMate Deck Key Tool  has six of the most common boating tools all in one so that Dad can fix small issues on his own.  This isn’t your average fathers day tool set, this reduces clutter and helps him be a handy man.

Nautical Gifts

Want to give Dad something unique for fathers day?  Check out SavvyBoaters selection of nautical gifts that will be sure to get Dad excited this Fathers day.  With a great selection of cool stuff like chart weights, pens, nautical clocks, ship bells and stormglass you’re bound to find something he’ll love.  These are great for the Dads who loves nautical tradition over flashy electronics.

No matter what gift you choose for your Dad, be sure to enjoy the day out on the water.  And remember to check out for all of your boating needs.

Happy Boating!

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