Monster Catfish Caught out of Po River

February 25th, 2015 | Posted by SavvyBoater in Everything Boating & Fishing

February 19th 2015


A record was set in the Po River, Italy when Dino Ferrari along with brother Dario, used a rod and reel to catch a 280 lb 8.75 ft Catfish. After taking some photos for bragging rights, the brothers released the monster back to the Po with hopes of meeting again in the future.

The massive fish is a Wels Catfish and surprisingly is far from being the largest caught out of the Po river. Wels Catfish have been recorded to get as large as 600 lbs partially due to their ravenous appetite, and have been known to snatch birds and rodents from land. These catfish are some of the largest in he world, however finding one more than about 6 ft long is incredibly rare.

While this fish is not the largest Wels ever found, it just might be the largest caught using a rod and reel. Dino, part of Sportex Team Italy, used artificial bait and genuine strength to reel in the giant and struggled for 40 minutes before managing to work it to shore.

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Looking at this monster makes us feel ready for winter to be over so we can make some records of our own. And luckily spring is NEXT MONTH. Let the countdown begin.

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