New First Watch Inflatable PFDs Boast Unique Features

September 22nd, 2011 | Posted by denise in Life Jackets & Flotation

We recently introduced the entire line of First Watch life jackets and inflatable PFD’s to our selection of safety products. We chose to add the First Watch brand because we admired the unique and thoughtful features they added into their designs.

CO2 Cartridge Inside Manual PFD

CO2 Cartridge Inside Manual PFD

One product that stood out for us was their inflatable PFD. Like all other PFD manufacturers, First Watch offers an auto inflatable PFD and a manual inflatable PFD. The distinction between the two models is simple. A manual inflatable PFD requires the user to pull down on the red tab to inflate the PFD.  That “pull” causes a small pin to pierce the CO2 cylinder that fills the inflatable bladder to capacity. An auto inflatable PFD is equipped with a small yellow tablet (or bobbin) that dissolves on water contact and releases a spring-loaded pin that punctures the CO2 and fills the bladder.

Once the bladder is inflated, the most unique feature of First Watch’s PFD is revealed. First Watch uses what they call WaveBarrier™ technology. The interlocking design of the inflatable bladder blocks water from being channeled directly into the wearer’s airways. This design also places the manual mouthpiece and emergency whistle at a more convenient location than the competitor.

Normal Inflatable PFD Inflated

Normal Inflatable PFD Inflated

First Watch Inflatable PFD with WaveBarrier Technology

First Watch Inflatable PFD with WaveBarrier™ Technology

Other notable features of the First Watch Inflatable PFDs include:
First Watch Inflatable PFD Features (closed)
First Watch Inflatable PFD Features (inflated)

We are currently giving away a First Watch manual inflatable PFD in our “Best Catch” contest on Facebook. To learn more about this contest, visit our Facebook Fan Page.

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