Pull Up a (New) Seat!

February 13th, 2012 | Posted by SavvyBoater in Boat Seats

New boat seats on boat photo

Cruisin’ in comfort!

Looks like the time has finally come.Your worn and torn boat seats aren’t up for another patch job. Or maybe you just want to give your boat a makeover and say bon voyage to those esthetically challenged seats you’ve had since the Reagan Administration. Whatever your motivation, you’ve made your decision – this season you’re replacing your boat seats!

Having a comfortable place to park your caboose is an integral key to making your boating experience, whether it’s fishing, water skiing or just relaxing on the water, an enjoyable one. But whatever style of seat you’re looking for –  folding, bench, pedestal, back-to-back, helm, cooler or even a fighting chair, you’re going to want something that’s not only comfortable, but durable and dependable. Wise Boat Seats makes great line of seats in all styles that fit the bill. With a rugged, high-impact marine grade frame, a thick layer of compression foam padding and heavy-duty, mildew resistant marine grade vinyl, these seats will last you for years. And talk about stylish!  Their variety of colors in groovy two-tone designs will match up with any boat’s color scheme. Haute couture for the high seas!

Okay, so now that you’ve picked out your new seats, the time has come to actually replace them. Gulp! Do you do the job yourself? Do you hire a professional? Well, there’s one thing you’ve gotta ask yourself… do I feel handy? Well do ya?

Worn out boat seats photo

We’ve seen better days!

While many folks are good with their hands and working with tools, there’s also a large contingent who are not. For those who have the mechanical skills, time, patience, tools and solid boat knowledge, replacing the seats themselves is probably a practical and maybe even enjoyable option. But depending on the degree of difficulty (wiring, controls, updating the layout of the boat) you may want to have your new seats professionally installed. While this may cost more, it may be worth it in the long run. Not only will you get a quality job that will look good and last for years, but a little peace of mind as well. The last thing you need is for your seat to collapse under you during a fishing trip or a three hour cruise (a three… hour… cruise!).

So don’t spend another boating season sitting on worn out, uncomfortable and unfashionable furniture. Get up off of that thing and get yourself some comfy, quality, stylin’ new boat seats!

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