Save on Polyform Boat Fenders during our July Polyform Savings Event

July 5th, 2011 | Posted by SavvyBoater in Boat Fenders & Buoys | Specials & Contests

Don’t miss our Polyform Fender and Buoy Event during the month of July.  Use Coupon Code POLYFORMUS to take an additional 5% off of our already low prices on all of the popular Polyform boat fenders and buoys during the month of July.

We’ve put together this quick Boat Fender Buyers Guide to help you select the best Polyform fender for your mooring conditions.

Polyform F Series boat fenders are designed to protect larger boatsPolyform A Series: These teardrop shaped buoys are most commonly seen in florescent red or white and are used as marker buoys, on anchor lift systems and as fenders when you need a large stand-off but don’t have a lot of vertical space.  They are available in 7 sizes ranging from the A-1 at 11.5” X 14.5” to the Polyform A-7   at 41.4” X 54.4”.   Fender covers are also available for these fenders for added protection and to eliminate squeaking.

Polyform LD Series Buoys: the Polyform Low Drag buoys are available in 4 sizes from the LD-1 at 8.5” X 18.5” to the LD-4 at 15.5” X 37”.  These are most commonly used for commercial applications, like crab pot floats, but they make an effective boat fender as well.

Polyform G Series Fenders: These are general purpose twin-eye boat fenders are extremely popular.  They are available in 6 sizes designed for boat from 10’ to 50’ in length.  Available individually or at discounted prices by the case.   Fender covers are available for some sizes.

Polyform HTM Series Fenders: The HTM fenders feature a hole through the middle allowing them to be easily hung horizontally or vertically.  They are popular as a heavier duty fender and are well suited for mooring against pilings in addition to general mooring conditions.  Fender covers are available for some sizes.

Polyform True Fit fender Holders keep your Boat fenders neatly stowedPolyform F Series Fenders: Designed as a commercial or yacht fender, these versatile twin-eye boat fenders are used for a variety of purposes.  They come in 12 sizes with the largest being 32” X 77”.  Popular as yacht fenders, they are tough enough that the US Navy and US Coast Guard frequently use them.  Fender covers are available for some sizes.

Polyform True Fit Fender Holders: These stainless steel fender baskets are designed to hold your Polyform boat fenders, keeping them neatly stowed on you rails when they are not in use.  Available in several sizes to fit most G and HTM fenders.

Be sure to visit SavvyBoater to see for all your boat fender needs, and if you have questions, please let us know.  We’re always happy to help.

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