— First to Introduce First Watch Line of PFDs

August 18th, 2011 | Posted by SavvyBoater in Everything Boating & Fishing | Life Jackets & Flotation is pleased to have been selected to be the first marine supplier to carry FirstWatch, a new line of high quality personal flotation devices.  Apex Outdoor Innovations, a company known for their expertise in designing outdoor apparel that excels in both function and comfort, recently launched this new brand of personal flotation devices .

Fit and comfort are the driving concerns for First Watch, because a flotation device that’s unworn, cannot save a life.    Protection, comfort and good looks are engineered into every product they manufacture.  The First Watch line offers a complete range of stylish personal flotation devices along with survival suits and coats.

The FirstWatch line of personal flotation devices includes life vests for recreational boaters from infants to adults, as well as specialized activities like fishing, sailing and paddlesports.  In addition, they have a selection of work vests that have been tested and approved for conditions ranging from frigid arctic waters to the tropics.  First Watch uses only the highest performance foams in the industry, ensuring that every First Watch flotation device will perform when you need it most and last for years.  The soft flotation foam bends when you bend and has millions of air pockets that provide excellent flotation and will retain heat both in or out of the water.


What sets FirstWatch apart from other manufacturers is their technology.  The FirstWatch Inflatable PFD was designed with Wave Barrier™ Technology.  This unique Flexi-Wing™ design provides the wearer with enhanced in-water performance with higher freeboard and improved flotation angles. The interlocking lobe design self-rights the wearer in under 5 seconds and provides a critical wave barrier — preventing water from being channelled into the airways.

 Inflatable PFD Inflatable PFD


FirstWatch engineers worked with offshore rescue teams and fishing crews to create their unique MMS® Mobility Management System.  Human movement requirements for stretching, sitting, working or even swimming have all been carefully considered in the designs.  The MMS Mobility Management System is incorporated into every FirstWatch flotation suit, bomber jacket, float coat and pants to provide optimum mobility for safety gear that won’t limit your abilities.


So whether  you work or play on the water, you can rely on First watch for flotation garments that work as hard as you do.  Let First Watch be the Flotation That You Can Live In.

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