Spotlight: Kyla’s Top Ten Boat Towables & Inflatables

August 28th, 2014 | Posted by Kyla in Boat Tube Towables

Kyla & Pip on a towable boat  tube

Two lazy dogs on a towable

One of my most favorite things to do – of all time – is to take kids boating. Boating and tubing, to be more specific. Boat, tubing and spilling, to tell the whole truth. It is sooo fun. And they LOVE it. Even my dog, Pippin, loves it, although he and I are towed at a much kinder, gentler speed than I tend to tow rascally teenagers.

So – before summer ends and school takes up all our attention – here are my tried, true and most favorite towables and inflatables on the market. With something for everyone, including slides, bouncers, and accommodations for adults with beverages, you’ll find all these boat tubes and inflatables on the Savvy Boater website.

Wacky Whopper boat towable

The Wacky Whopper gives you a wild and wonderful ride

1. The Wacky Whopper 

This boat tube’s name says it all. The Wacky Whopper boat towable from Sportsstuff delivers a ride that kids love. (Some adventurous adults love it, too.) Riders will want to experience the side and middle positions of the dual wave as they are each very different. It’s also easy to sit or lay in different positions with soft knee and elbow pads. On sale right now from $676.72 to $429.95.

2. WOW Thriller 1-Rider

If you want a smaller boat towable, and one that’s a little more “spillable,” the WOW Thriller 1-Rider tube towable gives your passengers “wild ride action.” As the driver, you can deliver wild wake action without submarining the riders and having to start all over. The tapered design maintains position without sacrificing performance. Get on if you dare! On sale right now from $155.12 to $96.95.

Big Banana Water Lounger

The Big Banana offers a more sublime water experience

3. Big Banana Water Lounger

Aaah! With extended foot rests, two cup holders, and a high back rest, the Big Banana 1-Person Water Lounger from WOW offers a much more sublime water experience. Technically, this isn’t a towable, but it is so worth mentioning, because after the tubing and towing, thrilling and spilling are over, mommy needs a little propping up of her own! On sale right now from $118.32 to $73.95.

4. Waterboggan 5-Rider Towable

This is a boat banana of another sort. No one wants to have to wait their turn, and with the Rave Waterboggan, you can tow up to five people (or 850 pounds). Put the whole crew on this baby and still have a fast and smooth ride, over and over. On sale right now from $1,279.92 to $799.95.

Mach 2-rider boat towable beginners

Mach Two 2-rider boat towable beginners

5. Airhead Mach 2

If you’ve got little ones who have some trepidation about this whole boat-tubing concept, the Airhead Mach 2-Rider is the perfect beginner towable. Inflated floors provide soft seating, the four handles come with neoprene knuckle guards, and deep walls help kids feel secure on the water. Tuck in those little darlings for terrific experiences behind the boat. On sale right now from $243.12 to $151.95.

6. FunStation Water Bouncer

Technically not a towable either, but way too fun to pass up, the Funstation Water Bouncer from Sportsstuff delivers all-day bouncing fun on the water. The removable boarding platform makes it easy for anyone to get on and gravity helps you get off – from high up in the wild blue yonder. On sale right now from $655.92 to $409.95.

7. Rave Aqua Jump

The Cadillac of water trampolines is the Aqua Jump Trampoline from Rave. Add the Aqua Slide and Aqua Log, and it becomes a full-on water park! Comes with a 12-, 15- or 20-foot platform and a 5-step ladder to get you on board. How you get off the platform … that’s entirely up to you! (Jumping and leaping highly recommended.) On sale right now from $3,199.92 to $1,999.95.

Water Whoosh from Rave

The slippery Water Whoosh provides hours of fun and doubles as a dock platform

8. Water Whoosh

When I was little, we’d soak the lawn in water until we could slide across it on our rear ends. We actually spent many gleeful hours careening across the yard. Nowadays, the Water Whoosh from Rave takes this concept to a whole new level. Its slippery, flexible surface provides hours of fun and can even double as a dock platform for skiing, tubing or wakeboarding. On sale right now from $1,599.98 to $999.99.                                                    

9. Tube-A-Rama:10-Person Water Lounger

Take your party to the water with this 10-person water lounger. Or seat 8 people and use two seats as coolers – so no one has to make multiple trips to shore to re-supply. The cooler seats are built in, so you can stow your ice and refreshments right in the lounger. How perfect is that for an afternoon of social relaxation? On sale right now from $551.92 to $344.95.

Child on water slide

Water slides have the unique ability to bring out the kid in everyone

10. Rave Slides

Inflatable dock and pontoon slides seriously bring out the kid in everyone. With a slippery 9-foot sliding surface and accommodating up to 200 pounds, just try to resist a quick trip into the cool water on a hot day. The Dock Slide is on sale right now from $719.92 to $449.95. The Pontoon Slide is on sale right now from $799.92 to $499.95.

Aside from the fact that all these towables and inflatables are on sale at the moment, another thing I love about Savvy Boater is that I get free shipping – on everything, every day. You’ll also find video clips of these boat tube towables that demonstrate their size, shape and performance. If you’re looking for accessories, such a tow ropes, flags, pumps and valves (can’t tell you how many of those I’ve lost…) click here … And let the fun begin!

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