Summer’s Here…Break Out The Boat Tube!

June 19th, 2013 | Posted by melissa in Boat Tube Towables

Summer time means water fun and one of the quintessential summer water activities is riding an inflatable towable. With models designed for stable rides for young or cautious riders or styles crafted to give the most aggressive ride possible, there truly is something for everyone. Here’s a brief overview of some popular water towables  that can provide you and your group with fun all summer long:

Extreme Rides

rave-warrior-3-front-2If you are looking for extreme action, two of our favorites are the WOW Thriller and the Rave Warrior. The WOW Thriller boat tube is designed for one rider at a time and delivers wild wake action without submarining so you can enjoy the ride for a long time! For even more fun, connect two tubes to the boat at the same time for a “bumper tube” effect. The Rave X-Frantic gives up to three people at a time a thrill ride they’ll never forget. Easy to maneuver, this boat tube has a special coating on the bottom to give it a super-fast ride.

Good For Anyone

bazooka_3r_towable_boat_tubeSome water towables are great for anyone from beginner to seasoned veteran. The WOW Bazooka is one such boat tube. It features a special system that makes it easy to steer and allows riders to sit, kneel, lay, stand or even do barrel rolls. It is available in models for 2 or 4 riders.



Great Family Tubes

For water towables with unique designs great for the whole family, the WOW Dragon Boat is always a fun bet. And, the Airhead Hot Dog boat tube, which is available WOW Dragon Boat 3 rider Action Shot Group 13-1060in different models for different numbers of riders, is an all-time favorite and hard to beat for sure!

These are just a few of the many options available to you for a new boat tube for your summer fun. And, at, we’re proud to offer free shipping on all boat tubes and accessories everyday. So,what are you waiting for? Shop now and start your summer water riding!



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