4 Best Fenders for Trailerable Boats

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Taylor Made Hull Gard Boat Fender

Taylor Made Hull Gard Boat Fender

Everyone knows that fenders are necessary to keep your boat looking brand new, and everyone also knows that there are different fenders for different boats, weather conditions, and activity level. Do you have a trailerable boat? A smaller boat that doesn’t need heavy duty protection, because it experiences normal recreational activity? There are quite a few fenders out there for trailerable boats in mild to moderate water conditions. Here are the top 4 that SavvyBoater.com recommends!

The Polyform G Series Boat Fender is perfect for trailered boats in mooring situations because of it’s one piece construction, durable and even walls, twin-eye design, and molded ribs. It is even available for boats smaller than 10′, but also for boats up to 40′.

SavvyBoater.com’s Polyform HTM Boat Fender has a “hole through middle” (HTM) design that is versatile in mounting, has thick walls and molded rips for strength, and is great for medium to heavy duty applications. It’s designed to be used in temporary or permanent situations, and works with boats as small as 20′.

Polyform G Series Boat Fender

Polyform G Series Boat Fender

The Taylor Made Hull Gard Boat Fender is another fender perfect for trailerable boats. These fit boats from 10′ to 50′ in length, and are ideal for light to normal duty recreational applications. It has a twin eye design, and an oval design that minimizes roll and offers a wide range of attachment configurations to protect your beautiful boat.

The Taylor Made Super Gard Boat Fender another great fender for trailerable boats. It is for medium duty (normal duty) recreational and utility applications. It works for boats 15′ to 50′ in length. It has a twin eye design and ribbed sides to minimize roll.

Have you used any of these fenders? Which do you think is the best for your trailerable boat?

Return To Fender!

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Row of Talyor Made boat fenders

Public de-fenders!

Maybe it was something you were aware of from the get go. Or maybe you had to find out the hard way. But eventually, all savvy boaters know that when it comes to protecting your boat’s hull from chafing, scrapes, dings and other damage while docking, (or from contact with other boats) a boat fender is an essential piece of equipment.

In our  throw-a-way culture there are many fenders that are cheap and readily disposable. To make sure your boat gets the fender lovin’ care it deserves when docked, you’ll want high quality, dependable fenders, like Taylor Made from Savvyboater.com.

Known for having the best combination of softness and durability on the market, Taylor Made Boat Fenders combine the latest in technology, design innovation and attention to detail. The result is the finest looking, top performing protection for your dollar – backed by a lifetime guarantee!

Whatever style or size boat you have, Taylor Made makes a fender to meet your needs. Their Hull Gard boat fender is considered to be the numero uno utility fender on the market. Featuring a unique oval design which prevents the fender from rolling out of position and inflation valves to adjust firmness levels, they are available in six sizes for boats ranging up to 50 feet.

Got a trailerable boat, in the 10-25’ range? The Super Gard  fenders with their double molded black ends for extra strength and seamless one-piece construction are a great option. The molded-in valve ensures easy inflation and a long life. For mooring conditions that require a horizontal fender, the Big B fender can be hung either vertically or horizontally using only a single fender line. It is available in four sizes.

But what about the big boys? Taken care of. The Tuff End boat fenders are designed for heavy duty marine applications. Constructed from flexible, resilient vinyl, the end in each fender is injection molded for extra strength and reliability. The seamless construction is the strongest in the industry and they are available in eight sizes for boats up to 100 feet. And if if you’ve got a REALLY huge boat (up to 200 feet!), the Freedom Yacht fenders feature a unique patented V shape that stays on pilings no matter which way the boat moves. Constructed of heavy duty PVC with the ability to hang vertically or horizontally, these fenders offer the ultimate in docking protection.

Freeboard fender on boat

I’m as Free as a Board now…

Taylor Made also produces a series of unique fenders, such as their Low Freeboard fenders, which are designed to wrap over the gunwale of low freeboard boats, and their Boat Bumper Fender Cushion that provides maximum protection when rafting or tying up against solid walls. Their Survivor series features an exclusive built-in Micro Pump that can be inflated anytime, anywhere without removing the fender or having to use additional pumps, needles or adapters.

What’s that? What about buoys? Glad you asked. Taylor Made also makes the best buoys your buck can buy, like the Sur-Moor Mooring Buoy,  or the Tuff End Inflatable Buoy designed to meet the punishing demands of the commercial marine industry.

So if you’re looking for rugged, dependable boat fenders (and buoys!) that offer the ultimate in protection and longevity, check out the Taylor Made line at Savvyboater.com.


Don’t miss our Polyform Fender and Buoy Event during the month of July.  Use Coupon Code POLYFORMUS to take an additional 5% off of our already low prices on all of the popular Polyform boat fenders and buoys during the month of July.

We’ve put together this quick Boat Fender Buyers Guide to help you select the best Polyform fender for your mooring conditions.

Polyform F Series boat fenders are designed to protect larger boatsPolyform A Series: These teardrop shaped buoys are most commonly seen in florescent red or white and are used as marker buoys, on anchor lift systems and as fenders when you need a large stand-off but don’t have a lot of vertical space.  They are available in 7 sizes ranging from the A-1 at 11.5” X 14.5” to the Polyform A-7   at 41.4” X 54.4”.   Fender covers are also available for these fenders for added protection and to eliminate squeaking.

Polyform LD Series Buoys: the Polyform Low Drag buoys are available in 4 sizes from the LD-1 at 8.5” X 18.5” to the LD-4 at 15.5” X 37”.  These are most commonly used for commercial applications, like crab pot floats, but they make an effective boat fender as well.

Polyform G Series Fenders: These are general purpose twin-eye boat fenders are extremely popular.  They are available in 6 sizes designed for boat from 10’ to 50’ in length.  Available individually or at discounted prices by the case.   Fender covers are available for some sizes.

Polyform HTM Series Fenders: The HTM fenders feature a hole through the middle allowing them to be easily hung horizontally or vertically.  They are popular as a heavier duty fender and are well suited for mooring against pilings in addition to general mooring conditions.  Fender covers are available for some sizes.

Polyform True Fit fender Holders keep your Boat fenders neatly stowedPolyform F Series Fenders: Designed as a commercial or yacht fender, these versatile twin-eye boat fenders are used for a variety of purposes.  They come in 12 sizes with the largest being 32” X 77”.  Popular as yacht fenders, they are tough enough that the US Navy and US Coast Guard frequently use them.  Fender covers are available for some sizes.

Polyform True Fit Fender Holders: These stainless steel fender baskets are designed to hold your Polyform boat fenders, keeping them neatly stowed on you rails when they are not in use.  Available in several sizes to fit most G and HTM fenders.

Be sure to visit SavvyBoater to see for all your boat fender needs, and if you have questions, please let us know.  We’re always happy to help.

A beautiful Yacht mooring in Key West, Florida

If you’ve shopped SavvyBoater before, you probably know that we’re a boat fender powerhouse. We offer one of the widest selections of boat fenders on the market and pride ourselves in having some extremely competitive prices on Polyform Bouys and fenders, Taylor Made fenders and many others.

In a recent staff meeting some said, “You know guys, when it comes to Boat Fenders, we’re really good, but if we had more options in Yacht Fenders, we’d be even better.” That comment led to the creation of our new Yacht Fender category and the addition of MegaFend Fenders to our line-up.

MegaFend produces a line of inflatable fenders including four sizes ranging from durable little 36” to a massive 75” fender with a 38” stand-off. Each of these fenders features a rope loop at each end that allows it to be hung horizontally or vertically depending on your mooring conditions. In addition to the “twin-eye” style inflatables, Megafends has recently released two new round inflatable fenders with 28” and 38” stand-offs. These are a great option when you need the diameter, but can’t accommodate the length.

MegaFend MN65 Inflatable Yacht Fender at SavvyBoater.com

Megafend MN65 Yacht Fender

Now I know you’re saying, “Hey, you’ve already got the Polyform F Series Fenders, what do you need another brands of big inflatable for?” The beauty of it is, while there are some overlaps in function, each product has some unique features that really set them apart.

Polyform F Series Yacht Fenders and A Series Buoys are extremely durable and deflate, but the heavy material they are made of limits how far they can be compressed for storage in a deflated state. For toughness and overall durability, they would be my choice.

MegaFend MN Series Yacht Fenders are made from a softer material and can be deflated and rolled up for ease of storage if you have limited space and need to carry your fenders along to the next port of call. Now you may be wondering what that softer material means in terms of strength. I know we were until we saw this MegaFend video. I’d choose MegaFend if my mooring conditions were mild to moderate and I had limited space to store a fender.
Stop by and check out our Boat fender Selection and stay tuned here for more information on our offerings of MegaFend’s Solid Core “Hold Through the Middle” line of fenders and the yacht fender hooks and chaffing gear to complete your set-up.