The Coldest Air of the Season Is Here- Put those De-icers to Work

January 25th, 2013 | Posted by SavvyBoater in Deicer & Ice Eater Units | Everything Boating & Fishing

Image via Dale Gerhard AP

Image via Dale Gerhard AP

Arctic Winds Bring the Coldest Air of the Season reports that we’re seeing the coldest air of the season this week. In the Upper Midwest and parts of northern New England, boaters are being hit with sub-zero temperatures with wind chill temperatures dropping to -50 degrees according to USA Today. East Coasters aren’t immune either – New York, Philadelphia, and Washington will be seeing lows in the teens and mid-20s because of this cold plunge as well.

The arctic air coming from Canada is making this already freezing winter even colder. The cold winds are causing lake-effect snow to pile up in the Great Lakes areas, and weather advisory warnings are in effect for that region. Portions of the Ohio Valley and Mid-Atlantic may also experience small winter storms this week.

In fact according to CNN, the freezing temperatures are giving people the opportunity to try unusual experiments like:

  • Tossing boiling water into the air and watching the mist particles freeze midair
  • Using a frozen banana to hammer in a nail
  • Hanging soaking wet T-shirts on a drying line and watching them freeze

With these record low temperatures, it is important to keep your boat and dock property safe from the harsh elements. Winter snow and frozen lakes and shores bring the risk of ice damage to your boat (if in wet storage) and your dock or marina. One of the best ways to prevent harm to your vessel and docks is to use a de-icer.

Dock de-icers circulate warmer water from below toward the surface to prevent ice from forming around your properties. In doing so, they can prevent potential damage to your boat or dock – like ice jacking up your dock pilings and expanding ice damaging your hull or dock. A season with extreme cold weather conditions can mean thousands in repair costs, if boaters aren’t properly prepared.

While the arctic winds may die down soon, we still have quite some time to spend in winter weather. Browse SavvyBoater’s full selection of dock de-icers and ice eaters and be prepared for the rest of the season.

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