Top 5 Must Have Products for Your Pontoon Boat

May 28th, 2013 | Posted by SavvyBoater in Pontoon Bimini Tops | Pontoon Boat Covers | Pontoon Boat Ladders | Pontoon Boat Seats | Pontoon Fenders

Pontoon boats sales are growing, which means that more and more people are becoming proud owners of these awesome boats. Did you know there are many, detailed, extraordinary accessories created just for pontoons? Keep reading to see what we here at have to offer you for your pontoon boat!

First up are Pontoon Specific Fenders to protect your boat from damage. From standard pontoon fenders to those with 90 degree aradius_corner_pontoon_fender_225x125ngles or rounded corners and more, you’ll appreciate the protection that you get with fenders made to fit the special curvature of your pontoon boat.

How about a Pontoon Bimini Top to keep the sun out of your eyes? There are an unbelievable amount of options when it comes to pontoon bimini tops. Depending on what style you want, what fabric you want, and what height you want, there are a large number of possibilities out there for you. Our most popular is the 8’ bimini top.

Next on our liself-supporting-biminist is a Pontoon Boat Cover to keep your boat safe and dry during storage or trailering. There are covers for all styles of pontoon boats including fully enclosed, hard top, low rail and partially enclosed.

Then comes Pontoon Boat Ladders to help you get in and out of your boat. Do you want 3, 4, or 5 steps? Do you want the steps to fold? Do you want the ladder to be permanent or easily removable? Do you want stainless steel steps, or anodized aluminum? Depending on your preference, there is a great ladder for you!

Last (but certainly not least!) comes Pontoon Boat Seats to keep you relaxed and comfortable. offers from two different series to choose from, depending on your price range, style preference, color ideas, and material desires. They’re both great choices and would look amazing in your pontoon!WS14008-989

Well, there you have it. An overview of the 5 accessories any pontoon boat owner would do well to own. Do you have all 5?

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