Westland Striped Bimini Tops Introduction

August 16th, 2011 | Posted by denise in Bimini Tops

Dodge Challenger with Racing StripeWe are excited to introduce Westland striped biminis to our existing line of bimini boat tops. Traditional bimini tops are made with one solid color but these unique bimini tops feature a sporty stripe down the center of the top, similar to rally stripes on a vehicle (we think we know where they may have got their inspiration!).

Rally stripes were originally added to Cunningham racing cars in the early 50’s as a way to more easily identify cars during a race.  The idea spread to other racing teams and prompted traditional car manufacturers to introduce stripes to their “sportier” vehicles as a unique selling point.  The addition of stripes became popular on road and muscle cars like the Dodge Shelby and Chevy Chevelle throughout the 60’s and 70’s. The fad slowly phased out over the next decades but has recently became popular again with vehicles like the Dodge Challenger (shown above) and the Ford Mustang.

Boats differentiate themselves in the same way cars do. Some boat owners have chosen to add unique stripes running down the side of the boat while others have wrapped their entire boat with bright, eye-catching graphics. The addition of these sporty striped bimini tops give boat owners yet another way to differentiate their boat from the rest. Each bimini boat top is made with Sharkskin Plus fabric and includes a free storage boot. There are over 90 different color combinations, making it easy to find the right combo for your boat.

Westland Striped Bimini Top

Westland Striped Bimini Boat Top

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