We’ve Got You Covered: 3 Ways to Protect Your Boat from the Elements (Okay, Make that 4)

September 15th, 2014 | Posted by Kyla in Boat Covers | Winterizing

Westland blue cover with tie-downs

Savvy Boater offers free tie-downs with every boat cover purchase as well as free shipping … always

If the kids are back in school, that means weekend boating is on hiatus for awhile. (Heavy sigh.) With stormy weather fast approaching, you’ll want to protect your precious boat against the elements. So when blessed summer comes again – and you’re ready to go boating – your boat will be ready for you.

The three most important things to consider when choosing a boat cover are: the fit, the fabric, and the support. (A 4th thing to consider when shopping online is adding the all-important tie-downs as well as calculating shipping costs. Both come FREE with every boat cover purchase from Savvy Boater, btw.)

1. The Right Fit

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you think about the zillion types of boats out there and the billion trillion choices in boat covers. But if you know the manufacturer, model and year your boat was made, you can find your exact cover in three easy clicks. Even if you don’t know your make/model, we’ve got you covered. At Savvy Boater, you can search the collections by boat style until you narrow the choices down to your specific boat. If you have a boat with a tower, we have guidelines for that, too. Link here to “Finding Special Covers for Boats with Towers”.

boat covers 38 color swatches

Savvy Boater offers a total of 38 colors to choose from, depending on the fabric and style

2. The Right Fabric 

Depending on where you park your boat for the winter season, you’ll want to pick the fabric best suited to handle combination of humidity, snow, rain, wind, salt, sun, and whatever else Mother Nature throws at you. A wide range fabrics choices – from SharkSkin to Sunbrella  – address the various elements and well as various budgets. You’ll find as many as 38 colors to choose from, from Forest Green to Caribbean Blue – even lighter ones, like Seagull Grey, to beat back the blaring sun. Compare boat cover fabrics with this handy chart, here. For more details, link here to “Your Guide to Selecting the Perfect Boat Cover Fabric”.

3. The Right Support

Carver boat cover

This boat cover from Carver helps protects against moisture and debris; the light color also fends of UV rays from the sun

Simply put, if you don’t want your boat cover to sag from the weight of water and debris, to collect unnecessary mold and mildew, or be vulnerable to tears and rips from unevenly distributed weight, you should have a support system. A support system is a simple and inexpensive way to dramatically lengthen the life of your cover—and your boat. These “tented” systems allow water to drain off, rather than collect in pools, prolonging the life of your cover.

Need more help? We’ve got an expert staff available via online chat and email, and we’d love to hear from you the old-fashioned way … via telephone! … at (866) 560-1330.

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