Where You Can Use an Air Dryer or Dehumidifier

December 14th, 2012 | Posted by SavvyBoater in Winterizing

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Applications and Uses for Air Dryers and Dehumidifiers

There’s nothing worse than walking into a room that’s damp and has mold and mildew growing. Not only is your property damaged by moisture, but it’s a risk to your health and takes time and effort to clean. Luckily you can avoid the problem and hassle of condensation damage by using marine air dryers and dehumidifiers. Air dryers and dehumidifiers work by lowering the air’s humidity either by heating or absorption. Non-electric dehumidifiers use silica gel (the same stuff that’s inside beef jerky bags that keeps them dry) that absorbs the water in the air, while air dryers raise the temperature of the air above its dew point so that water cannot condense on surfaces. These products are built compact, which makes them applicable to a wide range of situations. In our last post, we mentioned 3 types of air dryers and dehumidifiers. Now, here are a few different places you can use these dryers:

On your boat:

Boat owners find themselves dealing with condensation when it’s time to store their boat for longer periods of time. Whether docked in the slip, in storage, or just under a cover, boat owners have to deal with removing harmful excess moisture. Air dryers can be used to prevent water stains on seats, surfaces, and electronics and keep your boat dry and warm. That way, when it’s time to get back on the open water, owners won’t have to do extra cleaning and be on their way.

In your home:

In some cases, homeowners will purchase a large dehumidifier to cover their entire space, but for those who only need to dry a few areas at a time marine air dryers and dehumidifiers are a better fit. Because of their portability and compact size, air dryers and dehumidifiers work great to clear out small areas. When combined with multiple units, these products can cover a wide range of room sizes.

Bathrooms are predisposed to mildew and mold growth. Lacking proper ventilation, the humidity in the air can spread out to smaller surrounding areas, plus you won’t be able to get as dry as you want. A compact dehumidifier works well to absorb the moisture and not take up much space. Basements are also prime areas for excess moisture build up due to limited air circulation and lower temperatures. Here an air dryer would work well to keep the basement dry and raise the temperature slightly at the same time. Closets and gunsafes are also areas at risk of condensation damage. Because of their smaller size larger dehumidifiers may not be able to reach the moisture inside.

Compact dehumidifiers and heat rods are a perfect size to place within your smaller space and keep these areas dry. Air dryers and dehumidifiers can be used in any area in the home where the air is too moist. You can protect your electronics, books, musical instruments, and other items susceptible to moisture damage.

The applications for these dryers aren’t limited to what I mentioned above. They can be used for areas with pneumatic tools, painting, in a dental office, drying air for allergies, around indoor Jacuzzis, in warehouses, workshops…. the list goes on! In any application you decide to use boat air dryers and dehumidifiers, know that you can purchase these products at Savvy Boater. We carry the top brands like Eva-Dry, Drywave, and Davis, so you’ll be sure to find the dehumidifier that works best for you.

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