Why a Boat Cover Alone isn’t Enough

September 14th, 2012 | Posted by melissa in Boat Covers

The best boat cover in the world can’t fully protect your boat without a little help—you need a good boat cover support system.

Boat cover supports work by creating a tent shape with your boat cover to allow water and debris to run off. This prevents mold and mildew from forming and also protects the integrity of the cover over time, reducing the opportunity for weak spots that eventually may tear.

With a support system, water and debris are allowed to run off and boat cover integrity is protected.

With support, boat covers accumulate water and debris, causing severe damage to the cover.


There are three basic options for boat cover supports:

•    Standard support poles
•    Vented support poles
•    Support strap systems

The standard support pole is an adjustable aluminum pole that secures to the cover either via a snap from the pole to the cover or via rubber caps on each end of the pole, supporting the cover on top and gripping the boat deck on bottom. Three poles are recommended for boats less than 14’ in length. Those larger, including pontoon boats require four poles.

The vented support pole is also an adjustable aluminum pole but attaches to the cover via disks that are inserted into the cover to create an air vent, not only supporting the cover but also allowing for airflow. This type of system is very good for hot, humid environments or for boat covers made from less breathable fabrics.

The support strap system is a three-way (Y-style) strap supported by a single pole. Strap ends hook to a railing or a cleat. This system supports the boat cover in the most balanced way possible by distributing the load along multiple points. One system is needed for boats up to 28’ long, two for boats over 28’ or for pontoon boats.

Savvyboater.com offers all three types of support systems individually. You can also get a Y-strap support system at a discounted price when you purchase the Plus Package of any of our Carver boat covers.

A support system should be considered a standard component of any boat cover. Your cover protects your boat…let your support system protect your cover.

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