Why a Trolling Plate? You Can’t Catch a Fish if a Fish Can’t Catch You

May 29th, 2014 | Posted by Kyla in Fishing

The unique hinge design of the EasyTroller trolling plate allows your boat to troll as slow as 1mph, and flexes to prevent damage under sudden accesleration

The unique hinge design of the Easy Troller trolling plate allows your boat to troll as slow as 1mph, and flexes to prevent damage under sudden acceleration

So there you are, trolling along, angling to catch the fish of day. You’re located in the perfect spot, you’ve got the perfect bait, and it’s the perfect time of day. Sigh. Why aren’t the fish biting?

Well, here’s the thing: You can’t catch a fish if the fish can’t catch your bait. Which means you’re going too fast. What you need is an Easy Troller trolling plate. This ingenious design will slow your boat to optimal trolling speeds, as slow as one mile per hour or less, and still give you the control you need to navigate through those great fishing holes.

The Easy Troller trolling plate mounts directly to the motor’s anti-cavitation plate and drops down behind the prop to slow the boat to trolling speeds. The optional hydrofoil trolling plate model combines two products into one to improve fuel economy and performance.

Key Features of the Easy Troller Trolling Plate:

  • Slows boats to ideal trolling speed, even as slow as 1 mph
  • Patented hinged plate design flexes upward to prevent damage or shear pin breakage
  • Mounts directly to the cavitation plate of your outboard or outdrive, a few inches behind the propeller
  • Standard size fits motors 50 – 300 Horsepower
  • Short size fits motors 30 – 45 Horsepower
  • Optional hydrofoil fins to improve performance and reduce porpoising
  • Made from marine-grade anodized aluminum and stainless steel
  • One year warranty
  • Made in the USA

Easy Troller Comparison crop2How is the Easy Troller Different From Other Trolling Plates?  

Under power, prop thrust can bend or damage the typical trolling plate. As shown in the diagram, right, the ingenious design of the Easy Troller flexes out, to divert the prop thrust downward, preventing damage to the plate itself.

Do I Need the Easy Troller Hydrofoil Fins?

Hydrofoil fins can help boat performance by moving the boat to a plane more quickly, and reducing porpoising in those boats that have this tendency. They can also have a positive impact on fuel economy as they allow the boat to maintain a plane at slightly lower RPMs. To determine whether you need the optional hydrofoil fins for your motor, consider the following factors.

First, the trolling plate itself helps bring a boat up to plane when in the up position. Second, the hydrofoil effect varies widely by boat depending upon the hull design, weight and motor, so it is difficult to project the precise impact of the hydrofoil fins. If you aren’t sure you need the hydrofoil fins, try the Easy Troller without them. Of your boat struggles to get up on a plane, porpoises, or performs better with fins, then the Easy Troller hydrofoil fins would be your best bet.

Available Easy Troller Models:

Standard Plate                         Outboard /Inboard-Outboard              50-300 Horsepower

Short Plate                                 Inboard-Outboard                                 30-45 Horsepower

Standard Plate with Fins        Outboard /Inboard-Outboard             50-300 Horsepower

Short Plate with Fins               Inboard-Outboard                                  30-45 Horsepower

Fins Only                                For Standard and Short Plates

If you need help choosing a trolling plate beyond the tips offered here, SavvyBoater.com offers expert customer service. Click here for phone, email and live chat options.

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